FD BB Offer Aug 20-Oct 2 2015

@beachmomma3 confirmed they have switched out the BB offers. Free dining is being offered for the date range above via the current bounce back offer. Must book while on property.


Wonder if that includes memorial day weekend. I'm really itching to try and make it to 24 hour day next year.

Right now it's just for the Aug to Oct dates.

Oh geez... just ignore me. I'm gonna go sit in the corner and drool now.


My question on bounce back offer - does it have to be the same members of your party? Could you change it later? We are going in August, but would like to go back in fall 2015 with my mom. She won't be with us on the August trip, though.

It does not have to be the exact same party. The person booking it has to be on the reservation now and on the new one but that's it.

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Awesome, thanks!

Can you just check in during those dates, or does your entire stay need to fall within those dates? TIA

I'm fairly sure that the whole trip has to fall within BB dates. At least that's the way it works for RO.

If we have a family member book BB offer while she is there this september and puts us on reservation with her , can she then cancel herself at a later date and leave us on reservation and we get BB offer? She isnt sure she will be going back in 2015!! Thanks

We booked a BB last year and we booked for the last day it was offered but our free dining is for our entire stay. I think as long as you check in by the last date (oct 2). We booked for 14 nights which was the max

Can someone post a photo of the offer please?

I'm pretty sure that the person booking the BB must be on the reservation. I don't think she could cancel herself and keep it for you.

your stay does NOT have to fall in the dates, it only has to start by the end date.

not the best pic ever but here ya go


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Thanks so much @pirategirl007! Is the RO BB still bookable as far as you know? Could we book 2 BB offers? Like... book holidays 2014 and then use the FD offer for 2015?

Thanks @pirategirl007 for the pics. Only wish I could see exclusions (resorts).

Same as last year GFV, AoA LM rooms, Campsites and all 3 bedrooms villas

Thank you very much smile

Yeah that's the case as long as you check in the day of offer its for your entire stay. We are booked Dec 23 to Jan. 1st and received free dining.