Faxed room request question

Last May after my TP room request faxed I received an e-mail 3 days before departure saying the rooms requested were not available and for me to call them. I called and the CM gave me other room # options to chose from. It was very nice knowing 3 days before what room we would be in. My question is are they still doing this? Does anyone know? Thanks!

I’m not sure I’ve heard of anyone else getting a call before. What resort were you at? Did they have nothing close to what you asked for?

I’d say you got lucky last time, or maybe unlucky that nothing close to what you wanted was available, but you got great service. I wouldn’t expect it going forward, but…You never know I guess…

May be I just got lucky. Here is the e-mail they sent. I was actually able to get a better room after I called.


We are excited that you are joining us at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. We want to contact you prior to your vacation regarding the room requests you have made on your reservation. The requests of Building 9, 1st floor and between rooms 9137 & 9145 are not available at this time. Please contact us regarding your requests by either replying to this email or calling us at 407-938-4011. We look forward to hearing from you so we can make your vacation magical.

See you soon!

Disney’s Pop Century Back Office

That’s some fantastic customer service!

I’d say you were very lucky! I’ve never gotten an email like that and haven’t gotten quite what I wanted either of the two times I’ve used the TP room request fax feature.

I think I’ve heard of this happening twice, and one of those times may well have been you. It’s not their normal procedure.

You can now see your room assignment in MDE but I think that’s only in arrival day.