Fax request confirmation?

I set up the fax request for a room request. I received a notification that the fax would be sent and to ensure it’s complete by March 16. Should I assume it’s been sent? I feel like I’ve gotten an email or notification or something indicating that the fax had been received for past trips. It’s now within the 5 days so I’m not sure what to do. I have also called to have CMs make a note about connecting rooms and location is not nearly as important so I guess it’s not essential.

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Did you look on your dashboard? I always get an alert when it is successfully sent (5 days before I arrive).

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Yes I get an alert on my dashboard and I think an email but wouldn’t swear to that.

Yes, that’s what I thought. But mine just says “[Reminder: Room Request will be faxed soon for Spring Break 2019]” When I check the fax form, all my info is there and it says it will fax starting 5 days ahead. I had it set up like 2 months before my date. I’ve used it probably 4 or 5 times before but I guess I could have screwed it up.

@len can you check this out please?

Checking on it now.

The fax machine was busy when we tried it yesterday and today. We’re re-trying it every few hours. If it doesn’t get resolved by this afternoon, we’ll call the resort and ask them to look at it.


FWIW, we’ve heard that the room assigner roles will be moving from the individual resorts, to the Team Disney building. I was told last week that this move was still a ways away, so I don’t think this is that. (And we have contingency plans in place for the move.)


Good to know, thanks!

Thanks! I’m glad it wasn’t user error.

Success! Thanks for the help.

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I am so glad to hear this! It has been worrying me a bit for our trip next month. Please keep us updated when you know more. Thanks Len!

When you say you “set up the fax request for a room request”, does that mean you didn’t physically fax it yourself? I didn’t know that service is possible. I have a fax machine so can we still fax the old fashion way?

Touring Plans has a form to fill in and will fax it for you. It’s on your trip dashboard. If you have a fax number for your resort, yes you could send a fax yourself.

Ok Thanks…there’s always something to discover regarding what TP can offer!

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This may help too

I am planning for a group of 6 and currently have 2 rooms reserved at the All Star Music Resort - Standard rooms. How can I add the other room to my plan? Then, can I send a fax request for both rooms that I am planning? Also, how do I upgrade to a premium room?
Thanks much!

Just add the second confirmation number in the free text box in the fax request and explain that you have 2 rooms and you (presumably) want to be close together.