Fax Hotel Request

I can’t figure out how to do this? Is there a link to fill out your request so that the fax is sent? Also, do you have to choose a specific room? I have been having some chronic lung issues the past few months, so I am hoping to be away from smoking areas and hopefully a short walk from the dining/buses at Pop. I know that the preferred rooms are the best for this, but there are some standard rooms that aren’t too much farther away. Can I just give this info and let them decide the best fit or do I need to say Building XX, Room XX?

I think these are the best directions

Edit to add: I see @OBNurseNH answering so I know she will have some great insight. I always add text to the fax (you can edit) to let them know anything special.


If you go into your dashboard you can create the trip. Then you’ll want to click the “request room” button

After you choose a room go back to your dashboard. Click “configure fax” It will be in the same area as the request room button was. Fill that out COMPLETELY. Your fax will be sent automatically 5days ahead of your arrival.

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Your link is way more comprehensive!!

I’d like to edit the fax I wrote ( not yet sent) but don’t know how to do it. Could someone help?

On your dashboard there is a box “Configure Fax” at the ceyner of the page near the top