Favourite Extras?

Just curious as to what your favourite extras are for your trips? I thought I would add a little extra treat to the tip for my kids (boys 3 & 6). I thought maybe pirates league or the pirates fireworks cruise, but they didn’t seem interested (I’m been showing them videos to gauge interest, but they don’t know we booked anything yet). Our oldest would be happy with droid building at SWGE, but our youngest doesn’t care about Star Wars. I’d like to do something special for both of them. It doesn’t need to be the same, but it would be nice to find something to do as a family.

My daughters (7 and 5) loved pirates league and the pirate cruise. They are not pirate lovers but the interactions were awesome. They liked it better than bbb. Also the star wars dessert party was a lot of fun

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Early Morning Magic is hands down our favorite extra. Being able to ride SDMT and others over and over again is fantastic.


MK fireworks dessert party is our fave.

Hi, jcgoblue! I’d like to hear how you work the EMM. I’m on the fence about doing that, as opposed to the evening offering. It seems like the breakfast would eat into your time…but, oh, to ride SDMT over and over again!

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Breakfast is served until 10, so we wait until almost then to go eat. We have something small to eat in the hotel room before we go to keep us going until then. We make it brunch and then skip lunch. We use all the exclusive access time on the rides and then use our position in Fantasyland to RD other rides when the rest of the park opens. @kbiggs

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Club level fast passes were hands down my family’s favorite. I’m not sure I’d stay club level just to get them, but if you happen to be, they are worth every penny. They transformed our trip, I’m sure. Not to have to try to attempt RD with late-rising young adults was a huge plus for us.

We also liked the MK fireworks terrace dessert party quite a bit.

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Thanks, jcgoblue!

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This is probably not as fancy as you’re looking for, but one of our favorite extras was getting our kids’ haircuts on Main Street! It was so cute (and pretty fast), and we unknowingly timed it with the end of the Mousekedance It parade, which finished right outside, so we had a close up view (pic below is taken from the barbershop). Very fun and memorable experience!

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What about setting aside some time to do some games of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?

Both boys can register and collect the cards. The first level doesn’t actually require much skill other than finding the correct portal. Some are quite well hidden, inside stores and so on. I think there are games for Main St, Adventureland, Frontierland / Liberty Square and maybe Fantasyland.

The first portal is always the one nearest to the Fire Station. When you register you can select which Land to tackle first. After that you have no choice. You will back track around each area finding portals (there are pictorial clues to where to go next).

The storyline is fun, you’re just using cards to defeat the evil characters. And you can stop and restart whenever you want. Just be aware the game is stored on a specific magic band, so you must take that one back if you want to continue next year, for example.

It costs nothing if you’re happy to use some park time for it.

Other similar options: Wilderness Explorers (AK) and Agent P (Epcot).


I’m trying to get tickets, but our MK date is one of the ones with the glitch discussed in other posts so it shows as them all being sold out (which is highly unlikely). I’ll keep checking back. It does seem to be a great extra to add!

I thought about using the EMM on our final day since we only have a few hours before we need to leave for the airport. Ride the rides they liked from the other MK day or the ones we didn’t get to. It would allow us to focus on the other parts of MK on our full day and leave some of the fantasyland for the EMM.

This is indeed a great suggestion.

If you want something similar but simpler and shorter, there is also pirates of the 7 seas in adventureland which is a lot of fun.

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