Favourite Epcot Table Service?

We are making 3 trips to Epcot on our August holiday and have made ADR so far for Via Napoli and Tappan Edo but cannot decided on 3rd choice !!! Any recommendations?

We usually are so full from eating from the carts during F&W and F&G that we don’t make it a point to sit down in Epcot but I have heard lots of fantastic things about Le Cellier in the Canada pavillion

If you are going during food and wine you cam eat your way around the world and not need a table service.

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We’ve only done Biergarten, I thought it was ok but DS11 and DH loved it. DS asked to go again next trip, it’s the only place he’s asked for.

No we are going in August so no food and wine for us😩

Thinking Coral Reef or Spice Road??? Mmmmmmm

My husband and I are plannng on Spice Road with fingers crossed for a view of illuminations. I’ve read,good reviews and had a few friend recommend it. I have also read lots of good things about Mosieur Paul and seen lots of suggestions for it. When I was young and went with my parents I looooooved Rose & Crown. It felt very grown up but the food wasn’t too strange (I was not a very good adventurous kid).

Yes think Spice Road will get my vote we have also got ADR for Rose & Crown so looking forward to try this out. We have never tried eating at Epcot before so our choices are
Tappan Edo
Rose & Crown
Via Napoli
And I think it will be Spice Road :+1:
We are lucky that we have 16 nights there this holiday so plenty time to try out resturants all over Disney.


Yes, Spice Road is very good. Great location and food.

did you have any experience seeing or trying to see illuminations from Spice Road?

Yes. The best spots will be right at the edge of the water at the outside seating. We did sit inside once, but it was for lunch and I can’t really recall what the window situation was there.

Via Napoli is my favorite but another one of my surprise favorite experiences was catching Illuminations from La Hacienda. They have great margaritas and the food was pretty good too. As a bonus AJ from Disneyfoodblog was sitting at the next table!

Rose & Crown was a fun experience too, we got to sit outside and catch illuminations.

Thanks for the insight. We’ve got a 7:30 reservation. So I’m fingers crossing that we’ll be able to get a good spot and then have a nice long leisurely meal of tapas and sangria while waiting for the show to start.

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Coral Reef was amazing when we went in March! We also absolutely loved San Angel Inn in September, but that doesn’t seem to be a popular opinion :slight_smile:

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Yes we have done Coral Reef a couple of times so thought we would give Spice Road a try this time.

BG is my overall favorite EP TS, and nears the top of my list for all of WDW - but I LOVE German food and it’s very hard to find good German restaurants (at least where I live). For Mexican, La Hacienda is surprisingly good; San Angel Inn, although beautiful, has average food. On the higher end, you can’t beat either Le Cellier or Monsieur Paul; the latter has, in my opinion, the best food outside of V&A in WDW. R&C is OK, but I like RR in DS much better for a “pub” experience ( both food and atmosphere are better). Marrakesh is beautiful inside, but I find the entrees rather lackluster (the apps and desseerts, however, are quite good). I’ve only had lunch at Le Chefs, but I was unimpressed with the atmosphere (crowded and noisy), service (unfriendly), and food (average at best); I have been hesitant to try it for dinner. 9 Dragons - just don’t. Coral Reef is quite unique and I’ve always had a good experience there - but many people haven’t; it might be one of the most inconsistent TSs in EP. The menu is quite small, so you would want to check it out in advance.

We enjoyed the pizza at Via Napoli. There was only two of us so we had pizza leftovers the next day.

We ate at the Rose & Crown in February and I really liked it. We ordered the Bubble and Squeak and the Bangers and Mash and were happy with both.

You ALMOST can’t go wrong with the table service restaurants so you’ll likely be happy with your choice no matter where you go.

Here’s a link to my trip report where I saw Illuminations from SRT, including a picture:

TL;DR: great food, great view, great restaurant!

Our favorites are Akershus and Coral Reef.

@Lux made a good point- almost all TS in EP really great. We like R&C, SanAngel, Coral (for 1 time anyways). A fam can look @the menus, really pick what they like best. Only 1 I’d def avoid is the 9 Dragons, so not worth it- we have a better Chinese right here on Cape Cod.