Favorites - Besides the actual Rides and Meet-and-Greets

what are your favorite things to do/see at any of the parks…with kids (ages 4-8)?

Bon Voyage Character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno. I sound like a broken record because I just said this on another post, but it’s by far my favorite character breakfast. Because it’s a small venue, the characters seem to be able to spent more time at the tables and the guys playing Eric and Flynn Rider are hilarious.

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If you’re only excluding rides, and not all attractions, love the Tiki Room and Carousel of Progress. My DD10 has a total obsession with that place where you sample different sodas at Epcot. Whole family also loves scoping out Mouse Gear at Epcot.

edit ooh, also love the dinner and show at Epcot Biergarten.

Well, we haven’t been a fan of the Tiki Room. Despise is the word we’d use! :slight_smile: But we love Carousel of Progress, for sure. Laugh Floor is entertaining as well. We usually do it once while we’re there.

Some of the other shows we really liked include Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo. When our kids were young, they loved the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! playground, but that’s gone now.

At Epcot, everyone always loves the jumping fountains. When I was a kid, I remember finding them fascinating. My kids also enjoyed the Perry adventure (Phineas and Ferb) in the World Showcase. (We didn’t, in comparison, like the wizard-themed adventure in the MK, but others loved it, I know.)

While it is technically a ride, the People Mover (Tomorrowland Transit Authority? whatever it is they call it these days) is a lot of fun just to see Tomorrowland and relax for a bit.

I thought about adding the People Mover too, one of my all-time favorite experiences. I excluded it because it’s a ride, but in truth it’s a stretch calling it that.

Ride the monorail through the Contemporary and through Epcot.

Trains at Germany

Dancing fountains at Epcot

Boneyard at AK (plan 45 minutes and have something exciting lined up for after :joy:

Build a light sabre at DHS

Kidcot stations at Epcot - the U.K. one is fun.

Sorcerers of the MK and/or Pirates scavenger

Tom Sawyer Island - let them let off steam at the fort, just remind them not to go down the escape tunnel without you.

Take a tour round Bay Lake on the launch - Contemporary/WL/FW. Also take the boat over the bridge from MK to WL. Combine the two by changing at WL. See the Geyser and stream rising inside the WL lobby.

Go check out the activities at AKL. The bead activities are fun, so is the drumming parade. Watch the animals from the outlooks. Talk to the CMs.

Go to GF and see the orchestra, pianist and Cinderella & Prince Charming coming down the staircase @ 3pm (little princes and princesses can join in and have a dance).

Wilderness Explorers at AK.

See the performers on the Boardwalk in the evening.

Lego shop and Coca Cola bear at DS!

Jedi Training at DHS

Indy stunt show at DHS

Do the hidden Mickey hunt at WL (forgot that one).

Search for animals carved into the rocks in Adventureland.

Count the animals on the Tree of Life at AK.

Ride on the trolley car at MK. Watch the Dapper Dans, request a tune from Casey’s pianist. Catch the street performers at DHS.

Carriage ride at POR or FW. Or the cheaper horse and cart option at FW. See the horses at FW.


My trip in December had 5 adults, 5 kids aged 2-6.
Big hits for us that weren’t rides or meet & greets:

AK - The Boneyard! Head inside, veer left up the ramp and then down to the sandbox that has small pebbles instead of sand. Tons of shovels & buckets allow kids to dig and ‘discover’ fossils, all with plenty of seats for adults. Yes, schedule about 45 minutes of downtime here!

MK - We were surprised at how much all the kids liked playing in Dumbo’s Circus Tent. I’d consider this its own “ride” and would spend time here even if the Dumbo ride was short.

MK - SotMK was a bigger hit than we expected and we’ll plan more time for this next time around.

MK - we went in December so didn’t use the Casey Jr Splash area, but this would probably be a hit!

MK - searching for Pascal’s lizard friends near the Rapunzel tower and following Maximus’ hoof prints on the ground there.

Anywhere - feeding ducks or fish! LOL, it never fails to engage the kids to throw popcorn or something to feed them!

EP - visiting the fish tanks & displays at The Seas with Nemo & Friends, even if you don’t ride the ride.

HS - catching the Green Army Men outside of TSMM - my kids enjoyed participating and doing the ‘boot camp’ to be inducted as honorary soldiers. My daughter has red hair and they called her “Private Copper Top” which made us all laugh!


The people mover is my DD4 favorite ride and we got a fun fact from one of the CM last week. It’s the most poplar ride in all of Disney based on volume. I found this very interesting. :slight_smile:

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6 year old DS LOVED Philharmagic - thought it was hilarious; he liked FOLK at AK too; and i think enjoyed Turtle Talk at Epcot (DH and I thought it was way more entertaining than we anticipated even though it’s kid-oriented).

Kids loved HEA and also enjoyed the MK afternoon parade.



good list, I’ve bookmarked it.

From personal experience, DD5 & DD7 loved Jedi training, all play areas, in particular boneyard, anywhere with sand to play in, and saving their favorite to last, playing in the pool.

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