Favorite WDW YouTube Channels?

Because I’m so bored (LOL!) I’d like to find some more WDW YouTube channels that give some good information. I’m already following Touring Plans, Disney Food Blog Guide, Rob Plays, and Beyond the Kingdoms. What are your favorites?

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Lots of good ones!

For official ones, I like Disney Pixar, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Parks feeds.

For unnoficial, RetroWDW is cool for the old nostalgic stuff. Disney History Institute for… wait for it… Disney history. :wink:

Defunctland for interesting and sometimes weird info.

I can only take so much video of people walking around and talking to a camera, but as far as that goes:
Tim Tracker and Rob Plays have some good things.

For unusual stuff, I like the Disney Research feed to see what technology they are working on.


Dis Unplugged (the shorter videos like food reviews rather than the podcasts as I never have enough time to watch those from start to finish)
The WDW Couple

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Thanks! I will look those over! I would never have know that Disney History Institute was about Disney history! :wink:


Thanks! I’ll try those out!

So I just found one that I’m enjoying very much: We Do Disney

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I bookmarked them to check out when I get a chance.

The WDW Couple

BigFatPanda for Ride videos and some info to add

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ResortTV1 for their park and resort videos. Love their walk through the lands videos too.

For nostalgia I go no further than Martinsvids.net There is a reason Disney give him so much access to old plans and stuff.

I like the resort videos at allears but they haven’t updated them in a while, no Copper Creek yet.


I would check out a ton while preparing for our trip. But the best were TP and DFB. especially brian and the maps.

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