Favorite Ways to Pass The Time At Disney

Hi Guys!
I apologize if this has already been covered, but since we all have nothing else to do while we wait on Disney to make decisions, I thought I would ask for some current feedback and insight.
So…assuming I WILL be able to still go on my trip (staying positive while knocking on wood) I have found that I have 2 FPP attractions in the mornings and then my 3rd FPP is not until 7:25pm, which means on this day the likelihood of getting a 4th FPP is out the window. I know I can still try to modify the day of to move the 3rd one up, but I am wanting to think of a backup plan. The 3rd fastpass is for Flight of Passage. I LOVE that ride and it is a must do for me. I get very anxious around large crowds so I always prefer to get a faspass for FoP and then calmly walk to Navi River Journey at rope drop because I know a majority of the crowds will be heading away from me. That is why when I saw this late night FPP I did not hesitate to grab it. Now all this could change what would social-distancing and such, but I am preparing just in case…
Anyway, what are your guys’ favorite things to do when you have been in the park all day and are done with everything by early afternoon, but you know you need to be back at the same park in about 4-5 hours?
Thanks all!

MK: chill at Casey’s or at a table down the little side street off Main Streer

EP: grab a drink and sit and watch one of the shows. Of. I show, hang out in the courtyard of UK

HS: nada

AK: Sacred Spaces

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I don’t go often so i don’t have “down time” really except at MK and AK.

At MK I love Tom Sawyer Island and Liberty Belle.

At AK I like just sitting quietly in Flame Tree BBQ.

Boring. I know. :slight_smile:

This is crazy talk! :crazy_face: There’s always something to do! :wink:

Seriously though, I’m a fan of characters. So, if I’m not waiting / on a ride I’m probably waiting near a character spot.

However, when I do need to just stop, sit, have a drink I go:

MK - Cosmic Ray’s… The food is “meh”, but Sonny Eclipse is a really fun show / treat. It’s usually empty in there. I grab Coke / water and watch the 20+ minute looping show.

EP - You can’t go wrong with pretty much any WS pavilion. If you really need some quiet time go watch Reflections of China. Plus, the bathrooms there are very nice

DHS - Grand Ave can be an oasis. (Though I haven’t been since SW:GE opened) There’s not much seating, but it gets shade and I love The Muppets. Too bad they didn’t make Oga’s larger. I could see myself in there for a while if it had better seating.

AK - Asia. = The Bird Show is a nice distraction with seating and you can get a Maragarita or frozen drink right outside.


Did you visit during quarantine? Any time I’ve ever been in there it’s been sheer madness. slightly better in off hours but never empty! I’m shocked!


We’ve had Sonny Eclipse pretty much to ourselves before. I think we hit it up at opening time though.

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that’s craziness to me!

I love Flame Tree BBQ’s seating area! It is so quiet down there you almost forget where you are at! Not boring at all!


IME - If its not a traditional “meal time” you can walk in there and have your pick of tables.

We couldn’t get a table 15 mins before closing in summer.

Ah! I don’t go in the summer! That must be the discrepancy. I’m usually a late Sept. / Early Dec. visitor

(I’ve been know it sprinkle in a trip in Feb. or Spring every once in a while - but I avoid WDW when school is out) I’m “one of those” parents who would take my kid out of school for a week+ to go. :smiley:


I like summer. That’s when we would choose to go :woman_shrugging:

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For animal kingdom, if you know you will have a specific downtime (for you middle of the afternoon), you might consider booking the Caring for Giants tour. It is ~$30 US/ per person and only lasts an hour. Great way use up some time. Not exactly relaxing, as there is no seating while viewing the elephants, but there is a tree for shade.

For the other parks:
Epcot: I like to do the movies during the middle of the day when I don’t want to leave the park, but have zero plans until dinner/shows.
HS: Nothing…I get in and get out. Too many people and still too few attractions.
MK: I will usually look through the shops, not big on buying too much, but like to look. At the end of the night the shops are too much crazy for me.

Other ideas: I love the Boardwalk area, so I usually take an afternoon stroll or get ice cream at B&C when I stay at Yacht and Beach. Or you can make a trip to AKL and check out the animals and talk to the local guides. Lunch somewhere in Disney Springs…find that about 3 hours is perfect here. Do a lunch and look through the shops and head back to the parks.

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Oooh I had forgotten about the Caring for Giants tour! That is a really unique thing! Thank you for mentioning that!
And I also feel that way about HS. I don’t mind crowds, but when it gets to where you can’t see the ground and your are shoulder-to-shoulder with people I get a sort of panic-filled feeling. Nothing comfortable about that.

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