Favorite TS restraunts for littles

Ok so I have the following TS reservations already set: Day 1 - Hollywood & Vine with Fantasmic! for lunch, Day 2- BOG for PPO BF and Crystal Palace for early dinner, Day 3 - Garden Grill for lunch. Day 4 - I was told Chef Mickey is a must for us, but I am going back and forth about late brunch vs. late dinner. (The earliest dinner I could snag was 745pm, but I could get a noon or 1pm “brunch” no problem). I personally hate the idea of eating a huge meal that late. Day 5 - Tusker House with ROL for lunch. I still need something for Day 6, for BF or lunch as it is the day we will fly home. Was thinking we would be at HS that day, but maybe MK. Open to trying a resort or park. We have done Cape May before and it was ok, but will have seen those characters already so thinking of trying something different. But I have no idea what. Obviously my boys love characters and DH prefer buffets or family style - in case you couldn’t tell from my other selections. I could still get an O’Hana BF for Day 6, but the menu doesn’t seem that exciting…Any suggestions? Is there something better inside MK for Day 4 and then Chef Mickey for Day 6 before our flight? What would you guys do?

My family really enjoyed the 1900 Park Fare breakfast buffet at the Grand Floridian. You will already have seen Pooh and Tigger at CP, but Mary Poppins, Alice and the Mad Hatter are also there. Great variety, delish and fun character interaction. A good location as a starting point for your last day or you could sub for Day 4 and save Chef Mickey for your farewell meal.

Thinking we may have to check 1900 Park Fare one out thanks Jaq! Any thoughts on breakfast vs. dinner? I see dinner is Cinderella and menu sounds good so I am leaning towards booking that.