Favorite table service restaurants

Let’s see if we can come up with a list of our favorite table service restaurants. When I went last my husband and I loved dinner at narcosse’s . We even took our kids and they had great options for them too . It’s s signature restaurant so it’s 2 credits but good :blush:

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My favorites are : Jiko (it is still the top of my list), Tiffins, Hollywood Brown Derby (always surprises me that I love it so much), and Raglan Road (I just love that place)

I really really liked the brewat roll, beef cous cous and baklava at Marrakesh. I would eat that every single day.

Narcoosee’s was absolutely delicious and we could have eaten all the menu! Teppan Edo for food and show.

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Mmmmm Citricos!

I could list all the table service we had. We didn’t have a bad meal!!


BOG, Raglan Road, LTT lunch, CP breakfast.

Oooo yes BOG was really good too!! Food and atmosphere worth it!

BOG is my favorite

We never miss Via Napoli

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Citricos is our favorite hands down.

If you’ve been reading my trip reports, this won’t be a surprise - Sanaa, Kona Cafe, Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, and Spice Road Table all provided excellent food and service.

I didn’t really have any bad food experiences the entire trip, which I like to think is due to making smart selections of restaurants from reading lots of reviews first.

Haven’t gone to any of the animal kingdom restaurants yet. We r staying there this time. R they really as good as everyone says? I just worry they’re too adventurous for my kids 6&7. My husband will try ANYTHING :wink:

Jiko is one of my favorite signatures and Sanaa is one of my favorite “regular” TSs in WDW. I’m kind of ambivalent towards Boma. It wasn’t “bad”, but I don’t have a huge desire to go back. Part of that is because I just really don’t like buffets all that much. I also found most of the food to be pretty bland; I was looking for exotic flavors and they were there - but only kind of. The soups and salads were quite good, but the entrees were pretty flat (FWIW, I have the same problem with Marrakesh in EP). For the price, there are many other places in WDW that I would rather go to for dinner.

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I highly recommend Jiko for a “date night”, but it is not somewhere that I would take a 6 or 7 year old (if I had one) - unless they had a good deal of experience in"upscale" dining. The decor is beautiful in an adult sort of way, but not inherently interesting for kids. Everything about it to me says “romance”, not “family dinner”. And it’s expensive. Boma, on the other hand is wide open, crowded, and noisy, with lots of cool stuff to look at - much better for kids. The real draw of Sanaa is that if you go during daylight hours, you can watch the animals on the savanna - the only one of the 3 with animal viewing. The cuisine is basically Indian, and the food is excellent.

I have to agree, Boma was so noisy! I agree with your food review too.

Then of course there was CRT. Ok the food wasn’t as good as Narcoosee’s or Citricos but we still had a good meal and we ate in THE castle and got greeted by Cinderella! I get excited just remembering it!

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