Favorite Special Event Package

Going to WDW at end of NOV and was thinking about what is everyone’s favorite special event dining package?

Considering doing ROL package at Tiffins
Considering dining with an imagineer at HBD (or do people prefer citricos?)
Considering a package that allows you to get F! and preferred seating for their new orchastra show with disney songs?

I’ve done the dessert party for Wishes awhile back and was disappointed - felt you didnt have good enough seats to see castle projection/parade (this was a few years ago when party was at tomorrowland terrace) also didn’t eat a ton of desserts so…

What would you choose?

We’re going June 15-21 and doing Tiffins ROL and HBD F! We are also eating at citrico’s on another night, but not doing the imagineer experience. Help me remember and I’ll give you an update on those three and what we preferred - since we’ll be doing them within a few days of each other. Planning to write a trip report too - which will be mostly food reviews (the love of food and good restaurants runs deep in this marriage).

Check the dates on the music of Pixar attraction. I know it is a limited engagement, and I believe it is gone by November. So that may help you narrow it down as well.

Thanks! Now that you mention it, I do think the pixar thing is a limited engagement :slight_smile: I do hope you have so much fun on your trip, can’t wait to hear all about it!

We loved the pirates and pals fireworks cruise.

Tiffins is a great restaurant and the RoL package is a good value! I also enjoy HBD and a dining package adds an appetizer to your meal. As of now, Pixar is a Touring Company that is stopping in the summer. They are scheduled to continue touring in the fall (at least that is what I heard on a podcast).

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Where can I find information about this?


I have heard fantastic things about this. I’m hoping to add it in November if it’s still running.

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