Favorite Souvenirs

What are your favorite souvenirs to buy in WDW? We usually like to get a personalized Christmas tree ornament at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom.

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We like to bring back a Christmas tree ornament too, but this year we decided not too since we wont have a big tree this year due to downsizing and moving from one province to an other so didn't bring the tree haha. We do love those decoration though.

I love to bring back the mad hatter tea! I just load up on a bunch of tea because I don't know when else we are going and I love that tea!

We usually bring back a Mickey ears ornament. Also, a pin...or five. We always bring back Goofy's Sour Gummies for the nieces and nephews.

We actually don't personally bring back anything (kids bring back junk of course) so I'd have to say the SOTMK cards.

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Where do you find the tea? UK pavilion?

We (very original, I know) bring back a Christmas ornament, too! The kids always get a shirt & a stuffed animal. This past year, I got my favoritest souvenir ever - a hooded terry cloth swim cover up. I LOVE this.

We bring back beach towels from everywhere we go and found some really nice ones at WDW! Also a big fan of the personalized Christmas ornaments, and I always get a keychain with the year on it. We bring home treats too, (Karamel Kuche, Goofys Candy Co, etc)

Almost every gift shop have them but not all the selection. Sometimes I just end up asking where it is since the store are so big. It's called Wonderland tea, the Official Unbirthday tea. I love it!

We also buy a coffee mug or two every trip. It's starting to add up, but I like drinking my coffee/tea into Disney mug! We're trying to find the one that are not ridiculously big, because my coffee become cold by the end of the cup.

I would love to get a small sterling sliver necklace with a not-so-in-your-face disney charm. Have you seen anything like that, or any tips of where to look?

Ds10's favorite would probably be pressed pennies, he loves to hunt them down. Mine is a sterling silver ring that looks like a Mickey belt, and where the belt loop holes should be are two crystals.

Now that we're local and have adopted a lifestyle choice of pragmatic minimalism, we don't bring back much stuff, but our kiddo loves adding to her pressed penny collection.

DH likes pins, I get an ornament, magnets. Started getting charms after dh bought me a bracelet.

I've decided to buy a fridge magnet every time we take a trip. It will be a little reminder that I'll see every day.

We also do magnets! Specifically the ones that look like our favorite WDW snacks! Last time it was a Mickey pretzel.

Add another vote in the "Christmas Ornament" category - we always get one with the year on it so we can remember which trip. A few years ago I finally allowed myself to get a few pins, so each trip I get a few pins that represent what was special about that particular trip. I am definitely not a pin trader, rather a pin hoarder. wink

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@signusup-I got an Arribas Mickey charm on a necklace from the park and the matching earrings (for Christmas). It's silver with a few sparkly crystals in it. smile I think it was $30.

Popcorn Buckets, love to get a new one each trip

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I'm addicted to pick a pearl in Japan. I'm trying for twins..I want earrings smile I also love finding a little something unique in the WS. I am looking for a sushi set this coming trip.

What don't I buy? Lol
I always buy at least 2 coffee mugs, started buying the cd's of in park music, kitchen things...pretty much anything I can fit in my suitcase 😉