Favorite QS restaurants at each park


We plan to do QS for lunch every day. Any places we should go to and/or avoid? We will be there the days before/after Easter


Our faves:
MK - Columbia Harbor House, hands down
Epcot - Yorkshire County, Les Halles
HS - didn't do QS, but the HBD Lounge was spectacular and doesn't need an ADR (it is table service though)
AK - wanted to do Harambe Market, but we were on the opposite end of the park. Wound up doing Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe which was fine but nothing spectacular. Most people will tell you Flame Tree BBQ.


My favs

Magic kingdom. Columbia harbor house

Epcot - i tend to stay in future world mostly so i like electric umbrella or sunshine seasons

Hollywood studios. Catalina eddies love the pizza. But i understand its the same pizza as pizza rizzos.

Animal kingdom. Never ate there. But i am eager to try the new quick service in pandora

But i will put a soecial mention of the mara at jambo gouse of animal kingdom lodge. Good food!!


MK - another vote for Columbia Harbour House

AK - Flame Tree

DHS - Backlot Express

Epcot - Les Halles, or the Fish & Chip window at the Rose & Crown. Or walk out of IG to the Boardwalk Bakery.


MK- Columbia Harbor House
EP- Tangerine Cafe
AK- Yak and Yeti QS
HS- I have to pass on this one


MK - Columbia Harbour House. 2nd choice - Casey's. I really love the shoestring fries

AK - Flame Tree!

EP - Les Halles, Tangierine Cafe, Katsura Grill, Sunshine Seasons

HS - ABC Commisary. That place gets no love, but I have to say last time we ate there, it was better than in the past.


MK- Pecos Bill or Columbia Harbor House (for a/c)

EP- Tangierine or Sunshine (for a/c)

AK- Flame Tree or Pizzafari (for a/c)

HS- nope. We leave for pizza window outside park or get adr for Sci-Fi

From all the a/c notes, I guess you can tell we visit a lot in august!


MK - BoG (I guess I'm not as picky as others; we really enjoyed our food there)

EP - Sunshine Seasons

AK - Flame Tree (the platter is enough to share)

HS - PizzeRizzo (the upstairs seating area was cool and quiet; food was good as well)


We love Pecos Bills! They really have some great options now.


Yes, Pecos's new menu is really good. The fixings bar, so all you can eat, has a really good guacamole, yum.

Only drawback we found was the seating. Maybe if go b4 or after regular mealtimes, not so bad, but really crowded, small tables.

I was able to carry food all way around the building over to Tortuga Tavern (it never seems to be open- lots of nice tables, relaxing). It's a bit difficult to carry that far, but worth it to us to relax & enjoy our food.


I'm saying favourite but as we've only been to WDW for just a couple of weeks I can only say where we ate and how much we enjoyed it!

MK - loved Casey's and CHH was really tasty food in a more relaxed atmosphere as we went upstairs and looked over all the crowds watching the parade (late lunch)

Epcot - eating round the world. We mostly had snacks so we could have a little of everything from the food carts. We did eat at Sunshine Seasons which was ok but I'd rather go to World Showcase and find a QS there next time.

AK - Flame Tree BBQ was delicious if you like that kind of food and loads of it too!! Some people might share a meal there - not us!!

HS - we only had breakfast here and didn't waste a QS on the Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks) paid OOP for a roll that cost less than some snacks in other places!

Have an amazing time!


This is very helpful. Thank you!


MK- Columbia Harbor House
EP - Sunshine Seasons or the bakery in France
AK - Flame Tree
HS - Sadly, nothing there was really fantastic and with the closures the options are pretty slim.


MK - Peco Bill's (especially the Nacho Rio Grande Challenge!)
EP - Tangeriene Cafe
AK - Harambe Market
HS - Brown Derby lounge


MK: Columbia Harbor House and Sleepy Hollow. Friar's Nook sounds like my kind of thing but I haven't tried it yet.
Epcot: Katsura Grill, Les Halles, Sunshine Seasons
HS: Backlot Express, but this is the park where I'd spring for a table service lunch, at Sci Fi or 50s
AK: Yak & Yeti LFC. They had a chicken curry special the day I went and it was awesome. I think they might have made too much of it at the table service Y&Y so they put it on special at the QS, I dunno




Magic Kingdom - Columbia Harbor House. We love the upstairs seating.

Epcot - Sunshine Seasons

Hollywood Studios - ABC Commissary

Animal Kingdom - Flame Tree BBQ


You will see a trend here:
Magic Kingdom -- Columbia Harbor
Epcot -- Sunshine Seasons (something for everyone here!)
Hollywood Studios -- Fairfax Faire (we do the Fantasmic Dining Package meal around lunch time, then have the quick-service meal for dinner right before the Fantasmic show -- food is good, and there's no rush to get good seats for the show)
Animal Kingdome -- Flame Tree BBQ