Favorite QS restaurants at each park

We plan to do QS for lunch every day. Any places we should go to and/or avoid? We will be there the days before/after Easter

Our faves:
MK - Columbia Harbor House, hands down
Epcot - Yorkshire County, Les Halles
HS - didn’t do QS, but the HBD Lounge was spectacular and doesn’t need an ADR (it is table service though)
AK - wanted to do Harambe Market, but we were on the opposite end of the park. Wound up doing Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe which was fine but nothing spectacular. Most people will tell you Flame Tree BBQ.

My favs

Magic kingdom. Columbia harbor house

Epcot - i tend to stay in future world mostly so i like electric umbrella or sunshine seasons

Hollywood studios. Catalina eddies love the pizza. But i understand its the same pizza as pizza rizzos.

Animal kingdom. Never ate there. But i am eager to try the new quick service in pandora

But i will put a soecial mention of the mara at jambo gouse of animal kingdom lodge. Good food!!

MK - another vote for Columbia Harbour House

AK - Flame Tree

DHS - Backlot Express

Epcot - Les Halles, or the Fish & Chip window at the Rose & Crown. Or walk out of IG to the Boardwalk Bakery.

MK- Columbia Harbor House
EP- Tangerine Cafe
AK- Yak and Yeti QS
HS- I have to pass on this one

MK - Columbia Harbour House. 2nd choice - Casey’s. I really love the shoestring fries

AK - Flame Tree!

EP - Les Halles, Tangierine Cafe, Katsura Grill, Sunshine Seasons

HS - ABC Commisary. That place gets no love, but I have to say last time we ate there, it was better than in the past.

MK- Pecos Bill or Columbia Harbor House (for a/c)

EP- Tangierine or Sunshine (for a/c)

AK- Flame Tree or Pizzafari (for a/c)

HS- nope. We leave for pizza window outside park or get adr for Sci-Fi

From all the a/c notes, I guess you can tell we visit a lot in august!

MK - BoG (I guess I’m not as picky as others; we really enjoyed our food there)

EP - Sunshine Seasons

AK - Flame Tree (the platter is enough to share)

HS - PizzeRizzo (the upstairs seating area was cool and quiet; food was good as well)

We love Pecos Bills! They really have some great options now.

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Yes, Pecos’s new menu is really good. The fixings bar, so all you can eat, has a really good guacamole, yum.

Only drawback we found was the seating. Maybe if go b4 or after regular mealtimes, not so bad, but really crowded, small tables.

I was able to carry food all way around the building over to Tortuga Tavern (it never seems to be open- lots of nice tables, relaxing). It’s a bit difficult to carry that far, but worth it to us to relax & enjoy our food.


I’m saying favourite but as we’ve only been to WDW for just a couple of weeks I can only say where we ate and how much we enjoyed it!

MK - loved Casey’s and CHH was really tasty food in a more relaxed atmosphere as we went upstairs and looked over all the crowds watching the parade (late lunch)

Epcot - eating round the world. We mostly had snacks so we could have a little of everything from the food carts. We did eat at Sunshine Seasons which was ok but I’d rather go to World Showcase and find a QS there next time.

AK - Flame Tree BBQ was delicious if you like that kind of food and loads of it too!! Some people might share a meal there - not us!!

HS - we only had breakfast here and didn’t waste a QS on the Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks) paid OOP for a roll that cost less than some snacks in other places!

Have an amazing time!

This is very helpful. Thank you!

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MK- Columbia Harbor House
EP - Sunshine Seasons or the bakery in France
AK - Flame Tree
HS - Sadly, nothing there was really fantastic and with the closures the options are pretty slim.

MK - Peco Bill’s (especially the Nacho Rio Grande Challenge!)
EP - Tangeriene Cafe
AK - Harambe Market
HS - Brown Derby lounge

MK: Columbia Harbor House and Sleepy Hollow. Friar’s Nook sounds like my kind of thing but I haven’t tried it yet.
Epcot: Katsura Grill, Les Halles, Sunshine Seasons
HS: Backlot Express, but this is the park where I’d spring for a table service lunch, at Sci Fi or 50s
AK: Yak & Yeti LFC. They had a chicken curry special the day I went and it was awesome. I think they might have made too much of it at the table service Y&Y so they put it on special at the QS, I dunno


Magic Kingdom - Columbia Harbor House. We love the upstairs seating.

Epcot - Sunshine Seasons

Hollywood Studios - ABC Commissary

Animal Kingdom - Flame Tree BBQ

You will see a trend here:
Magic Kingdom – Columbia Harbor
Epcot – Sunshine Seasons (something for everyone here!)
Hollywood Studios – Fairfax Faire (we do the Fantasmic Dining Package meal around lunch time, then have the quick-service meal for dinner right before the Fantasmic show – food is good, and there’s no rush to get good seats for the show)
Animal Kingdome – Flame Tree BBQ