Favorite QS in World Showcase

Let’s create a running list of our favorite Quick Service dining options in World Showcase. Please :slight_smile:

I personally can’t wait to get the fish and chips in UK.

Do NOT eat at the QS in Mexico. Gross (and I’m not real picky about food and will tolerate a pretty low quality without complaint).

Germany is fantastic!

And the sushi at Japan was pretty impressive

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Do you eat the fish & chips often?

Les Halles Boulangerie! I could eat 3 meals there.


I haven’t gotten to try them yet :frowning:

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Tangerine cafe in Morocco! We are there twice last visit.


My favorite QS is Tangierine Cafe- such great food!


Didn’t know about the Sushi, I’m gonna have to try it! Super exited for Yorkshire Fish, Les Halles, and The Via Napoli Pizza Window!

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Tangierine Cafe
Les Halles
Fish Shop

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The fish shop is very popular! I haven’t eaten there since 2004. I’m adding it to the list!

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Probably not a “meal” but a giant pretzel and a beer from Germany make my day :slight_smile:

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Norwegian Club at KB!!!

I don’t see the problem with that meal :wink:

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As a Mexican, I probably never would eat in the Mexico pavillion… but out of curiosity amiga, what was wrong?

It was just barely palatable.

Think Taco Bell.

And then think worse than that.

PS. So nice to see you amiga!!!

It’s great to see you too amiga linda, how are you doing?

In order:

  1. Yorkshire Fish and Chips
  2. Tangerine
  3. Sommerfest
  4. Katsura

Kringla and Les Halles are both great for sweet pastry snacks; I’ve never had a savory “meal” at either.

America reminds of food truck food at the county fair; with so many better choices, not something I want to spend my money on again (although the funnel cakes are kind of tasty in a total grease bomb sort of way)

La Cantina in Mexico is horrible, and Lotus Blossom is even worse.

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Good! 50 days out from our next visit. Kids are busy and therefore so are we. But having fun.


I like Tangerine Cafe but last three trips were during F & W and F & G. Food boothes offer variety.