Favorite maps of the parks

What is your favorite resource for maps of the parks? Are there any that show lesser known shortcuts (assuming those exist)? Thanks!

My go-to are the maps on MDE; they’re interactive, you can zoom in where you want to, and as the whole resort is mapped it can help you visualize the distances between resorts/parks. EasyWDW also has decent maps that some people find easier to use because there is little 3D artwork and the actual paths are easier to see. You can also download the “official” park maps from the WDW website.


When I was preparing to go to the park the first time I looked through the maps on the Disney site quite a bit (and on the app). They are very detailed and helpful.

As for shortcuts, here are a few: https://wdwprepschool.com/shortcut-paths-at-disney-world/

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Thank you!!!

These are my favorite. I always print a copy to take with me! Saves my phone battery too https://www.easywdw.com/easy/cheat-sheets/disney-world-cheat-sheets-maps-touring-plans-and-wait-times-4/



Yes, the EasyWDW are very clear and easy to read. They’re my favorite, as well.


Those are awesome! Thank you for posting!