Favorite HS counter service & menu item with kids?

What is your favorite CS in HS with kids? And, what menu item at the place do you recommend?

With kids I would say “Pizza Planet”. They have great pizza and salads and the cupcakes are amazing!

Backlot Express was good as well - nice burgers and fries and a drink refill station.

As a family with older kids we really enjoyed Fairfax Fare’s chicken and ribs. Very tasty!

People don’t seem to have a lot of love for HS counter service meals but honestly, we had great luck with each place I’ve listed. Enjoy! :smile:

I have to agree with Pizza Planet. It is not great pizza but it is decent, for theme park pizza, and a fun environment for kids.

We also usually hit the CS restaurants at the end of Sunset Blvd because the variety between the different stands lets us all have what we want.

Thanks… none of them looked amazing the last time we were there. Sounds like you need to go in with low expectations for lunch at HS! We’ll try Planet Pizza or Backlot. Think we did the pizza one last time.

Are the ones at the end of Sunset more like food carts? That may be a good solution.

We love Backlot due to the serve yourself beverage refills. That’s huge for us in summer! Chicken nuggets there are standard (same as CHH) but my kids love them. We do like pizza planet on occasion, but hate the hunt for a table.

We liked Backlot. I had the turkey sandwich and it was quite good! and ditto on the beverage refill options. It was nice to be able to go easily refill your beverage yourself.

We had QS dining plan, so we went to Fairfax Fare and ate the chicken and ribs. It was messy but tasted pretty good. We also ordered our 5 year old a hotdog with macaroni on top. She would have eaten it better if the macaroni was not on top of the dog… My 7 year old son liked the barbecued pork sandwich.