Favorite food to get at Mythos

Hey guys! Once again I’m asking for your expert advice :grin: I know many people have suggested trying Mythos on different sites, including here. I’ve never been, and was curious as to what people recommend to get from there? Also, is there a specific time to avoid eating there?

We think in general the appetizers are the best items on the menu. The sauce with the fried calamari makes that an amazing dish. I love the seasonal risotto as an entree.

I had the risotto and it was better than I would have imagined. We made a reservation for dinnertime, and were seated within 10 minutes.

Do you guys know if the risotto has meat in it?

I don’t think it did. I want to say when I had it, it was a mushroom risotto, but no meat.

We ate there yesterday, DS14 had the Pad Thai, it did not look particularly great but he said it was good. DD16 had the chicken BLT and enjoyed it. I had the cranberry blue cheese pork and I did not care for the topping but the pork itself was perfectly cooked and quite good. It wasn’t a bad meal in a theme park, but I think I expected more as it gets great reviews. It was a great place to get out of the sun, we went a little before noon and it was about a 20 minutes wait on a very busy day in the park (we did not have a reservation).

I think the protein changes. When I had the risotto it had meat but I wished I had ordered it without meat. The risotto was that good.

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I think that’s correct. If I recall correctly, the menu says “seasonal risotto”, and the ingredients change depending on what’s in season. I am sure you can do it without any meat.

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