Favorite Epcot Pavilon

What’s your favorite Epcot Pavilion and why?

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Tough choice! I think overall I would choose England. Really good shops, Rose and Crown Restaurant and Pub.My favorite parts of our vacation are sitting down by the water in the patio off to the side of Rose and Crown with a beer and my hubby.

My top other choices would be Germany and Japan.


For me it’s Japan. The store there is a lot of fun. I love trying done of the unusual snack foods and drinks.


I feel weird saying this now having just read @Outer1 's reply, but…

My fave pavilion is Japan. I love love love the shop there.

I love looking at all the weird and wonderful Japanese beauty products. I love the kimonos and all the clothes in general really. I love the postcards - I collect them and frame them when I get home. I also love the food and drink section, and trying the weird and wonderful things there.

Basically I love love love the shop there!


It’s a toss-up between Morocco and Japan. Both are so immersive that it is easy to forget that you’re in a theme park.


I assume you mean second favorite after 'Murica. If that’s the case, I’ll go with the UK. When walking through there, I feel more immersed from the main path, so without even having to go far, it kinda feels like I’m there. All of the others it feels like I have to leave the path and enter the country. I like grabbing a bench and listening to the British hits in the garden.

(I also like complimenting the cast members on their ability to speak English)


My favorite is Japan because it has my favorite World Showcase gift shop in it.


Japan is up there, but i think it would have been a hands down winner if they changed up the exhibit space more or expanded it. It’s hard. No single pavilion is particularly strong in all three categories to me: attraction or exhibit/shopping/dining.

Uk for me! Love grabbing a harp and sitting back by the shops… Also have a soft spot for France because ds5 loves the fountains(a liner in the making) and effiel tower!

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Intersting that the OP said “Epcot”, but everyone, so far, has gravitated to WS…

Actually, a difficult question to answer. I think I have to come down on the side of Germany. Biergarten is possibly my favorite restaurant in any of the parks. I love Deutsche Volkskunst, the goodies in Karamel Kuche are excellent, and the music always uplifts me. But my mother was first generation German American, and there was a lot of German culture and tradition in my upbringing.

A close second is GB. My father’s side of the family is Scotts-Irish, and I have developed a great love for all things Celtic and (to a lesser extent) British.- although I like the food at RR much better, the pub at R&C is great fun.

China is agruably the most beautiful, Mexico the most “immersive”, and Japan may have the coolest shop - but Germany and GB still rise to the top of my list for “overall” favorites.

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Well, if we are talking WS, I have to agree with any others about Japan - the store, the music, the gardens, the food - all good. For FW, my favorite pavilion is The Land. I love the rides and both of the restaurants.

Oh, I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t limited to WS! In that case, on the FW side, I think both The Land and The Seas pavilion are my favorites.

The Land:

  • Soarin’ is my 2nd favorite WDW ride overall.
  • Sunshine Seasons has several food options that appeal to me
  • I like the educational aspect of Living with the Land and The Circle of Life film.

The Seas

  • I love marine life.
  • I loved my experiences doing DiveQuest (diving in the aquarium there).