Favorite Eats Around the World in Epcot

I’ve read plenty of suggestions for drinking around the world (which we definitely plan to try!), but DH and I would like to add snacks, appetizers, small plates, etc. as we drink. We’ve been to most TS restaurants in Epcot by now, but have always ordered entrees using Dining Plan.

So now, I’m looking for suggestions about favorite snacks, appetizers, small plates, etc. that we could enjoy (without ADRS) as we partake of adult beverages. We’d like to try multiple locations as we drink our way around the world. Suggestions?


In no particular order:

France - Les Halles Boulangerie - half baguette and cheese plate; creme brulee is good (not as sweet as you might get at American restaurants, one is plenty to share), basically any dessert

Japan - Katsura Grill - chicken teriyaki was huge portions (family of 3 shared), also got California rolls. We sat outside in the evening at around sunset, and it was so lovely. You’re on a little hill, and really feel like you’re in Japan with the landscaping, looking out over the lake, quiet music playing. On cooler evenings, they have heat lamps on the patio. One of our favorite food memories.

Sunshine Seasons often has California rolls or other sushi in a grab and go case, sometimes a mixed fruit and cheese deal in a plastic package.

Refreshment Port near Canada - the cronut (croissant doughnut). So yum, must do every time.

Germany - chocolate-covered caramel with sea salt or bacon

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Can’t personally vouch for these yet but this is my list that I’ve compiled from friends and websites. Taking it with me into the park:

Kringla Bakery (School Bread apparently is amazing) in Norway
Pretzels in Germany
Charcuterie tray at Tutto Gusto in Italy
Pastries from Les Halles
Ice Cream at L’artisan des Glaces in France
Baklava in Morocco

I love the fish and chips at R&C, and almost anything from Tangerine. Spice Road is also good (but I think kind of pricey for what you get). Sommerfest is a great place for a wurst or pretzel and a beer (the Grapefruit beer is excellent). Katsure grill has some good selections (the sushi is good, if not great). Karmel Kuchen is an awesome stop for a sweet treat. The patisserie in France is good for both savory and sweet selections (I prefer the latter). Kringela has some nice pastry selections. America is pretty ho-hum; the funnel cakes are not bad, if you’re into that sort of thing. Italy, China, and Mexico have no QS selections that I would recommend. Canada does not have a QS option - but the Promenade (near Canada) has Cronuts, which are amazing. I think I hit all of the countries :slight_smile:

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