Favorite DVC podcasts or YouTubers?

We’re new owners (hooray!) and other than The DVC Show, can’t find much. I’d appreciate suggestions.

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The My DVC Points Podcast (includes two more podcasts: one called Community Hall and the other called DVC Newscast).


There isn’t much out there. I enjoy The DVC Show and the My DVC Points Podcast (which has live-streamed community hall episodes on YouTube). resort Loop does one DVC-focused show at the end of every month. I don’t know of any other DVC-specific shows

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Welcome Home Podcast is DVC but Damon (one of the hosts) can be unbearable for some listeners.

Top of the World is technically a DVC Podcast too I think but I can’t do that one.

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I forget about Welcome Home. I used to listen and then couldn’t tolerate it and keep meaning to try again.

I didn’t know about the Top Of the World show

Top of the World is two of the hosts from the new wdwtoday podcast I think. I found them when I was out of shows for a week. I have shut off episodes (politics) and I can tolerate Damon.

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Thanks. Will check out these suggestions. I’m sensing a hole in the market . . .

Jen LeForge does a lot of DVC stuff too, but not exclusively.

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I actually do usually listen to this podcast. I like Trever and Tom but not Damon. But I also think it is an EXTREME stretch for them to call this a DVC show. Sometimes I think I’ve never met 3 more clueless people regarding DVC. The only thing DVC about it is that they all own DVC.

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I agree they are clueless (especially Damon) but I think every episode has one example on why it is classified as “dvc”. This week, having Andy Berry from dvc resale was that segment. This podcast was the first one I ever heard regular updates on resale. Derek and Melissa were regulars here before the DVC Show. It was also where I learned about My DVC Points Podcast. Welcome Home and the DVC Newscast are the only two podcast that I count on reporting DVC “news”- for example no longer offering the concierge collection.