Favorite Disney Podcasts

Disney Crush was a bust for me. Not sure if Ill give a second chance but didn’t delete yet… now onto Disney Dish (excited for this one!)

Not sure which show you listened to but this week’s show was not the usual format. They are doing a huge gathering (Grand Geekin Gathering or G3) right this very moment so the show was more brief than usual and did not follow their usual

After they get back they’ll do some trip reporting which is where I think they shine.

They have segments that I really enjoy too - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Of Facebook; DVC Freecycle; Michael’s Minute (Michael is one of the host’s sons and he is autistic; he typically pops in for a moment during each show for whatever is on his mind in the moment and I love that they give him that time). They of course cover the news. And once a month they do a 5 on 5 where they have 5 listener guests who answer 5 questions about their Disney preferences - I always like that one a lot

What I really love about them though is they are “regular people”. They aren’t influencers, known vloggers/bloggers, etc. They are just a couple of people who really love Walt Disney World and talk about it every week.

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It was the last 5 on 5. It seemed to go off the rails a bit. Maybe ill give nexts week show a listen.

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Some of my favorites are more history in nature, but here they are:

  • Retro WDW

  • The Thirty 20 Eight

  • Connecting with Walt

  • Disney History Institute

  • Imagineer Podcast

  • Tomorrow Society Podcast

  • The Progress City Radio Hour

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