Favorite Cocktails in WDW?

I saw the new Bloody Marys in Animal Kingdom but I can’t see myself drinking that when its 100 degrees outside. I got me thinking, are there any other to die for cocktails and specialty drinks in WDW?

Jalapeno margarita at La Cava, Grey Goose slush in France, Safari Amber in AK, Bloody Mary at Tune In Lounge or whatever I mix up from the bar I schlep around in my back pack


Double yes to the Grey Goose slush in France! :thumbsup::thumbsup: I also really like the Blood Orange margarita in Mexico. I’ve got the Jalapeno one on my list to try. Sounds delish!! The Lapu Lapu at the Poly is rather tasty. I also enjoyed several Magical Stars and Pina Colavas but they weren’t my favs.


A refreshing warm-weather drink is a Pimm’s Cup from the Rose & Crown.

At cooler times, and if you’re an old-school drinker, the standard drink menu (go figure) Manhattan is a personal gift from the Baby Jesus. Bulleit rye, Carpano Antica vermouth, and Luxardo cherries. Sigh…

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Is that Manhattan at the Rose and Crown?

Funny I should be so excited about it - it’s pretty much the one I mix at home when I make cocktails.

No. The Rose & Crown doesn’t have the resort-standard drink menu. Most of the hotel lounges not part of a restaurant do. Mizner’s, to my chagrin, doesn’t, and no amount of begging or pleading can get them to stock the ingredients.

If you’re a Manhattan fiend, you need to have my friend Brucie at the Territory Lounge mix you one. She usually works Sunday - Tuesday (Saturdays she’s at the pool bar), and even watching her at work, observing all the right cocktail protocols, brings tears to my drinker’s eyes.

You can tell I’ve put overly much thought into this.


Avocado Margarita is awesome, but my last visit to WDW we had a stop at California Grill and their Passion Fruit Margarita is now my favorite cocktail at WDW by FAR!! I highly highly recommend it!

As for Beers at WDW… I like so many, I am on a Almaza Beer kick from Spice Road Table… its great in warm weather. In Tutto Gusto they have some great beers too BTW and if you can find Nora its a really good beer!

Most bars have St Bernardus ABT 12 now in WDW and that is one of the best beers in the world.


I think you need to ask the author of the world’s best ebook @Brian! My current favorite is the avocado margarita.

Where is the avocado Margarita? I’m assuming you can’t stroll with a drink? (I’m from Nola, I forget you can’t get a go-cup everywhere!)

Can you get the Bloody Mary in 50PT?

Strolling with a drink at Disney is totally ok, though I am not sure which spots actually have to-go cups available. A lot of them come in to-go cups because they are sold at kiosks and at stands, rather than actual bars/restaurants. Of those, I’d bet that if you ask nicely, you can get pretty much anything to go - I am sure others have more experience than me, though, lol.

I am a big fan of the Captain’s Mai Tai that is available on the standard Disney bar menu. I have most recently had it at the AoA poolside bar and at The Wave lounge.

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Avocado margarita at Tusker House


@Iheartepcot, I too love the Captain’s Mai Tai but I have found that some bars make it much better than others. My favorite is at the Crews Cup.

Nice, good to know! Yeah, even at the same bar, some make it better than others. I like to really be able to taste the amaretto, as that is my favorite flavor of the drink.


I am drooling thinking about this. You had me at, “old school drinker.”


Avocado margarita is from La Cava in Epcot, and they most certainly make them to go. I got that and a passion fruit one for DW while we were waiting for Illuminations. Yum. :tropical_drink:

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Ah perfect!

Lemon Drop at Via Napoli a close second would be the grey goose slushie in France

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sorry not avocado but this is a picture of a jalapeno margarita. I dont do avocado of any kind. At least had the right restaurant. :slight_smile: