Favorite Breakfast character meal - non park

Well, of course, in typical Disney brainwashing fashion, I am now considering a breakfast character meal on the morning we go to MVMCP. We’ve been to a Chef Mickey and The one at a The Beach Club. Considering Ohana as well. We’re not big foodies. Trying to get a res for Chef Mickey or ohana on the TP Finder. What’s your fave breakfast with characters? Non park. Thanks.

My daughter does love stitch, but I think Lilo looks a little creepy. Lol

1900PF. I wouldn’t go to Chef Mickeys if you paid me, I can’t stand Stitch, and I worry about Cape May smelling of fish (though I’ve been told it definitely smells fine in the morning). I can’t think of another. Oh wait, Trattoria whatever it’s called with the Bon Voyage breakfast. Supposed to be amazing.

1900 Park Fare is one of our favorites for breakfast or dinner (very different experiences, but they both have strawberry soup!).

We will be there in July on the morning of my daughter’s 17th birthday…her choice, she loves it so much! :slight_smile:

Typical characters are Mary Poppins, The Mad Hatter, Alice, Tigger, & Pooh.

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Ha! I was a nervous wreck about cape May and the fish smell. I planned to scope it out one morning before our res., and cancel if needed. Well I forgot, but it did not smell like fish at all. I don’t eat fish, can’t stand the smell of fish, and have a very strong sense of smell. It was absolutely fine.


Good to know!

1900PF looks great. My kids sadly don’t know those characters except tigger and Pooh, but it looks nice! I tried to get them to watch Disney movies before we went last year, and I couldn’t even convince them to watch a Beauty and the Beast, my favorite! I watched it alone. And made them go to BOG for me!

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The Mad Hatter is just amazing. They might not care what movie he is from!

They don’t know Mary Poppins?! I’d go just for her!

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Suggested To do list for the uninitiated:

  1. Watch Mary Poppins
  2. Watch Saving Mr. Banks
  3. Watch the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns

We love Mary Poppins, and what better place to have a Jolly Holiday with Mary than at WDW!


Mary Poppins is wonderful as well…I just thought the Mad Hatter was more accessible for someone who had no idea about the characters.

Ha! Mandatory introduction. I think they know of her, but just never watched the movie. It looks great, I booked it. Should we do breakfast at 10:25, or is there any benefit doing do breakfast at 11:35. I’ve read about getting brunch food too at the switch. I booked both so I could ask you guys. This works perfect because I wanted to fit in touring GF Christmas decorations. So happy, thank you liners!! And who cares about spending $150 anyway :joy:


I suppose I should amend my own comment there. Saving Mr. Banks probably isn’t appropriate for young kids. Well, by “appropriate” I just mean it isn’t meant for young kids. (In case you haven’t seen it, watch it, and wonder why I would have recommended it for a young child!)

1900 Park Fare doesn’t have lunch so there is no switch.

I would choose whichever time works best for your family.

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Oh the menu drop down says breakfast, brunch and dinner so I assumed there were a few things added for the brunch menu. But no idea when that starts bc the times only list it as breakfast and dinner. Hmmmmm…no big deal. We’re not really big eaters anyway.


I wonder if they do brunch some days then?

I have the same plan for a 1900 PF dinner. Can’t wait to see that gingerbread house!

Play the movies in the background while they are playing with their tablet. They will catch some things and maybe be interested in watching more.

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Great, now I’m wondering if I should try to reschedule my 1900 Park Fare dinner to a breakfast somehow. DD is playing Jane in Mary Poppins Jr. this summer! :slight_smile:

As for OP - I haven’t been to a character breakfast since 1985, so I can’t advise on favorite. I did book a ton for our trip in November.