Favorite Atmosphere Areas?

Looking for some ideas of places to check out for mental breaks!

Where are some of your favorite places in the parks or resorts to take a break or a walk and just enjoy the atmosphere/view? I’m thinking of spots that really make you feel like you’re on vacation or in a special world.

I’ll start:
Geyser Point at WL - enjoying a drink or bite to eat while overlooking the lake (at electric water pageant time for bonus fun points)

AK - walking the trail between Africa and Asia and seeing the Tree of Life through the trees, and stopping at the little patio overlooking at area.

Epcot - walking through the back “streets” and rooms of Morocco, eating lunch outside at Spice Road Table

MK- the walk way area between Crystal Palace, Adventureland and the castle always feels special, especially because there always seem to be bubbles there :joy:


There’s a place that I love being at but I can’t tell you where it is. It’s sacred.


I second Morocco. I love just sitting at that gorgeous fountain too. It’s a great pavilion.


Noooo! Can you… post pictures? Describe it in pictographs?

I love Harambe Market. Sit toward the back next to the fence. Watch the Wildlife Express go by and enjoy a beverage. Good vibe.


I will try to do that


Gauzy curtains

Stories of journeys taken

Booze drinks



I’ll name it out of spite…

I wouldn’t call the ladies room behind what used to be Mousesavers “sacred”, but each to her own. No judgement.


You’ve obviously never been in there.

Come back and join us sometime.

I’ll kick you in you faceless face

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Nothing like a Settler’s Activity Place?

Side street off Main Street USA. Grab a table and some ice cream and just chill.


This is seasonal, but the holiday decorations at HS were really excellent. I could spend all day just walking around photographing them. Close second the ones at AK. We were there over Thanksgiving.

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Have you ever been to some of the lounges in AK? They have a really nice selection of alcohols, if a drink helps you relax. I also like Royal Anandpur tea, and the Moroccan coffee at Tangerine.


Here are a few of my family’s (5 adults over 21 who are mostly introverts) favorite atmospheric places in addition to what has been already mentioned (everything mentioned would have been nominated by one or more of us):


  • Spending time exploring The Seas aquarium
  • Lunch at Tokyo Dining in the Japan pavilion
  • The Mexico Pavilion
  • Exploring the Test Tract and Mission Space Exhibits

Magic Kingdom

  • Riding the Main Street trolley car

Animal Kingdom

  • Otter Grotto
  • Gibbons exhibit near Kali River Rapids
  • Wandering the Discovery Island trails
  • Exploring the Oasis trails - keep an eye out for Divine
  • The African Crowned Crane exhibit at the start of the Kilimanjaro Safari queue

Fort Wilderness
Visiting the draft horse barn and pony corrals

Wilderness Lodge

  • Relaxing in the Boulder Ridge lobby

Grand Floridian

  • Having a meal at Gasparilla Grill outside overlooking the marina

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House

  • the savanna overlook near the pool

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

  • the savanna overlook by the pool bar

Epcot - Morocco, absolutely - especially good if I’m waiting for a henna tattoo to dry. Also, up by the koi pond in Japan, and near the maze in England.

Animal Kingdom - the former smoking area between Africa and Asia, a table at Flame Tree close to the water.

Magic Kingdom - the rocking chairs on Tom Sawyer Island.


Tom Sawyer Island FTW! No lines, no objective, just kids (of all ages) being kids.

The Seas pavilion during evening EMH (or during the fireworks). There were just a handful of families there so we just sat and observed fish for quite a while.

We still miss the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area.

When we had babies, we sprung for Savannah view rooms at AKL. Nothing like sitting on your balcony holding a nursing or sleeping baby (or two-twins!) and watching animals roam.


Anywhere in sight of the Tree of Life.

Marketplace in Galaxy’s Edge.

Watching logs go down Chickapin Hill.

Inside Mexico pavilion / San Angel Inn.


GAH! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Nomad is awful. Do not go there. :wink: