@Fatty_McButterpants UNMASKED!

Ok friends, Fatty needs your help… For the last 90 days I have participated in a fitness / weight loss challenge and was just selected as one of the 5 Finalists… The ultimate winner is now to be decided by an online vote, and this is me, @Fatty_McButterpants, humbly requesting your votes. In fact, this means enough to me that at long last, I am willing to reveal my true identity - and in exchange for your votes, you will receive this privilege (or punishment). And don’t worry, I managed to wipe myself of clean of all the BBQ sauce in the ‘Before’ photos… Should I be able to win the online vote, it will only be because of the votes of Liners. In order to pay it forward, I have upcoming trips to the World in Jan & Feb, and without a doubt, for any Liners who are also in WDW, I’m buying the Dole Whips!

You can vote for Fatty here: http://www.lifetime90day.com/vote/vote-transformation/ryan-s/
You can vote once each day until voting closes Friday at 9PM.

To all those who manage to find the time to throw me a vote, THANK YOU! And I look forward to buying you all a boatload of Dole Whips in the next few months!



sigh… and I wasted all those ribs and sauce a couple weeks ago…

ETA: I voted and holy schitt. If that’s really you… well fuq. Amazing transformation.


I’m rarely in forum but happy to here for this and to vote. Way to go @Fatty_McButterpants! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


What an amazing transformation in 90 days! Way to go!!

Way to go dude, you got my vote!

MIND FREAKING BLOWN!!! and I voted 3x …hehehehehe


You shaved. Did that stubble really weigh that much?


Wow wow wow, what a transformation!! You got my vote :smiley:

OMG, great job!!! I think you need a new name now—@Fatty_McButterpants doesn’t fit the new you!!!

Way to go! I’ve submitted my vote for you too.

Well, I’m assuming there were lots of protein bars digested which may explain some of the flatulence we hear so much about…


He did mention broccoli in his write up


You got my vote!!! Nice job🏅

Thank you all so much for voting!

@keithloveswaffles, it wasn’t so much the weight of the stubble as it was the weight of the beef chili that was stuck to the stubble… and yeah @Sorcerers_Apprentice, I thought I knew how to clear out a room before, but 90 days of steamed broccoli taught me I was just an amateur before… I may or may not have ruined a few family vacations of the poor people waiting in line behind me last week.


Just voted and Wow! Just wow! Congrats! That is truly amazing!!

Voted! Good luck! I will be in the world Jan 16-20 for that dole whip :wink:

Is your wife calling you FattyMcButterMyPants these days? Wow, well done!


Wow Fatty! I too just voted (multiple times).

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Voted!!! Great job Ryan.


Wow. Well done! Just voted. You should be proud but like you stated it is not about the looks (but you sure look good). It is for your health and the kids! Great job. Very motivational