I have tickets to MNSSHP, but will be purchasing tickets for the day whole day. I probably won’t be purchasing the tickets until closer to the park day (9/7). Will I still be able to make Fastpass selections for that morning with only party tickets? Or do I need to go ahead and purchase one day tickets?

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You must have ticket media to book FP. If you are using a regular ticket that morning, you will be able to book the FP with your regular ticket media. Each profile is allowed only 3 prebooked FP. If you want FP for your party ticket it would have to be on a difffernt MDE profile than your regular entry ticket as you will already have 3 FP.

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You will not be able to make FPP in the morning with only the party tickets.
It should let you make them between 4-6 (or 7)
I believe that there is some way to create two different MDE accounts so you can get 3 on the full day (once you purchase) and 3 on the party - but I can’t remember how to do it - not worth it for me to go to the hassle of it :slight_smile:
But you will need the one-day ticket to make FPPs during the day

Not true. You can make FP with party ticket for anytime you would like that day. However unless you have a day ticket or AP you can’t enter the park to access your FP until 4pm (with the party ticket). Therefore recommendations for party ticket only FP are 3:30,4:30:5:30.


hmmm - I learn something new everyday around here :slight_smile:

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It is a bit of extra work but here is the how to :grinning: How do I book 6 FPP on a day I am attending a party and using a regular entry ticket?


How likely are you to need a FP during the party? I believe I heard that wait times for rides are generally less than 30 minutes due to the capped number of attendees at the party. Is that the case?

You cannot book FPs during the party.

But with party tickets you can (or have been able to) enter at 4pm. People can book FPs between 4 and 6 this year (earlier park closing before the party).


What @Nicky_S said :blush:

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Ah. Ok, now I’m understanding. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jumping on here to add my question since @AuntB_luvsDisney is already involved in this one. I hope you don’t mind @krimbry!

My question:

DH and I have APs. His mother will have a 3 day PH. We will all have MNSSHP tickets. We plan to be in the parks all day that day. We might take a break, we might not. If we DON’T do a break, will we need to exit the gate, and turn around and go back in through the tapstiles using the party tickets? I don’t want to run the risk of my MDE getting shut down because we used a party ticket we didn’t tap in with.

Nope there will be places in the park for you to tap in with the party ticket and get your wristband. That’s how I did it my last few parties.

Thanks so much! I didn’t want to fight Main Street all the way down and back. Party tickets still need to be on a dummy profile right? Just like last time?

To get the 6 FPP in one day, yes!

You’re the best!

Hijack away! :wink:

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