FastPasses: which are hardest? missing stuff late June?

FP 60 day window tonight @ 11… help me strategize?

For three different days:
I want TSMM at Holly 9:45
TestTrack at Epcot 9:45
Peter Pan MK 9:00

Should I do them at that order? Or is TT harder to book and I should do that first? Thoughts?

Also, is Rapunzel FP in MK no more in late June? My daughter will FREAK if we can’t see her, it’s the one thing she asks me about, arg. Or she’s still bookable and just Anna/Elsa who are not available bc maybe going to be over in Epcot? What Princesses in MK have FPs late June?

Also, can we do MSEP FP late June? I think I saw someone say no, but maybe that was different parade?

None of those FP’s will sell out in minutes so the order shouldn’t really matter. I usually start with my first day and go from there.

Can’t really answer your princess question, they will likely be shuffled around with the A&E exit but no one knows for sure yet.

As far as I’ve seen there is no more FP for MSEP as it’s now a same day booking dessert party area.

I agree with @Outer1, none of those will “sell out” instantly - but I would certainly “move efficiently” from one to the next.

The FPP dynamic at EP is going to be changing - perhaps dramatically - by the time you go. Soarin’ will have reopened with the new film, and will be very popular, but the addition of the new theater should off set some of this. Everyone is assuming it will remain a Tier 1 FPP.

The elephant in the room, of course, is Frozen - which is “scheduled” to open “sometime” in June. Both the ride and the M&G will be extremely popular. Most people are assuming that the ride will be Tier 1 and the M&G will be Tier 2. But we don’t know yet, so planning and/or predicting crowds is virtually impossible. Of one thing I am certain - Frozen will significantly change EP touring strategies.

Agreed that none of those should be a problem. If you’re worried at all about hard-to-get ones, work from your last day back to your first, though, as there are fewer people contending for FP+ on the later dates at your 60-day mark.

You’ll get everything you want. In fact, you could probably wait 20 days, and still do so.

Actually it is Wishes FPP area that went away, you can still get FPP for both of the parades. At least you can in late May.

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Oh ha… just goes to show people shouldn’t listen to me lol

Except when you talk about the Values. And driving to the parks. You are spot on with that!


Different in late June. No parades late June available in FP at 60-day+3: MSEP not even showing up, daytime one (when we’ll be back at hotel resting) shows up as booked.

Anna/Elsa & Rapunzel BOTH saying “full,” although I think that means “we dunno where we’ll have these ladies, hedging our bets by not offering FPs but not admitting it either.”

For our Epcot day, I already booked Akershus 8:05am. And I booked our TestTrack FP for 10. (I get bad motion sickness on rides like Soarin’, so not on the agenda, not a concern.) If new Frozen ride open, maybe we can scoot there after breakfast if they are not doing FPs there–or if they start them some weird time and I don’t snag us one. And maybe Anna/Elsa, although my DD5 won’t care enough to wait long if we can’t get FP.

Who she REALLY wants is Rapunzel, not a big ticket princess, just my DD’s fave. Hopefully she’ll at least be around in ONE of the parks. And hopefully w/FPs available. I’ll have to keep checking back.


I think you’re dead on with regards the Princess M&Gs. A&E are scheduled to move “sometime” in June, but until they have an exact date, they can’t offer FPPs for either location. Whether they release FPPs for June after the date is announced or if they decide to leave June as SB only in both parks and start FPPs again in July, no one knows.

Rapunzel and A&E were apparently made available for FP at MK again today. Might want to scoop one up.

I just saw your post regarding fast passes being made available again for these princesses but I just logged in and it is still not allowing us to make fast pass reservations for them. Do you know if this was for specific dates? We will be there in late June. Thanks!

Someone reported that they’re available through June 11. Of course, I need June 12th or 14th. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay, that makes sense then :wink: Darn it, we are so close but hopefully they work it out to where we can still see them and they are just working out the kinks with moving A&E over to Epcot. Thank you so much for the info!!


You’re very welcome. So frustrating that we have constantly watch for changes. :slightly_smiling_face: I was able to get a late night safari FPP, but I’m also still waiting for a late night EE FPP.

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6/28 EVERYTHING unavailable, see error message in another thread

6/30 princesses unavailable (well, except Ariel, booked her, anyway)

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I hope they update the FPPs soon.

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Chrhenry - you said you have an Akershus at 8:05, hoping to do a walk on, if A&E are available? Would they start running before the 11am World Showcase opening? Or is it open earlier on your day?

Ariasne, I saw some folks theorizing on another thread that maybe they would open the Frozen ride and/or Anna & Elsa before 11am. No hard evidence, just people mulling what THEY would do if they were in charge, knowing how popular these are. And there or elsewhere, I have seen people say that when there’s something new, they often don’t do FastPasses immediately. First soft opening, then hard opening, then FPs last. So I figured our best odds of a short stand-by wait IF these things have at least soft-opened or maybe even hard-opened wo FPs is to be there early. My kids would not abid finishing princess breakfast at 9 (or even stretched to 9:30) and then standing around waiting till 10:45 if they don’t open the rides till 11, but if that would be the option, maybe we’ll ditch the new Norway stuff entirely. Who the heck knows. Ask me a week before trip, thinking may have changed. Esp if ride not ready yet, bc my daughter saw A&E last trip, we’ll do Akershus meal, MK FP for Ariel, MK Merida at RD. That should be enough for her, especially if I can figure out where the heck Rapunzel will be, who is her fave, but mercifully less popular than A&E.

If that’s the case, will it work with your Test Track FPP?