Fastpasses when park hopping

This is what I thought. Got excited for a second there! Haha

Sorry my agreement was to the very first post. I am trying to follow the sunsequnt posts to offer a somewhat intelligent opionion.

If I am understanding the question correctly, in my example the add FP option, once confirmed, will delete the original FP selection. This has to be done before you actually scan any of the FP for the day in question. Once you have scanned the first FP and you want to change parks for the last two it has been my experience the remaining FP must be manually cancelled.


Agree! But you could book two FP RNR (tier 1) and TOT (tier 2).

Or RNR then scan and book FOP at AK for 3rd. (Based off availability of course)


I was using an AP when I made this example but it also worked for regular ticket media. It is kind of dated. I can’t test right now as I don’t have an active AP or Ticket media available.

That was the piece I was getting from @Nickysyme that I didn’t know! Thank you both for teaching me once again!

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Yeah, you can only have one tier 1 FP in a single park. But you can have a tier 1 in 2 different parks, assuming you can find any of course. So not free of tier restrictions within one park, but across parks it is.

Basically Disney have made it easier to park hop, but haven’t made it well known. Probably because, as we’ve seen, it is very difficult to explain it clearly and to grasp!

That’s how I understand it too.

“Understand” may be pushing it, but it’s how I believe it works . Honestly I have no idea if Disney IT know how/ why this works - but it does.

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I am confident that many things we “ know” are true are not how Disney IT thinks it works.

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