Fastpasses for Unused Tickets

My profile has a bunch of other people on it from a visit with friends a number of years ago. There are three one day tickets that will not be used on those other friends. Am I able to create fastpasses on those three and use them in the park even though those tickets were not used for entry?

I think this was doable in the past but I thought I read somewhere of Disney requiring ticket use in order to use the fastpasses. So I just wanted to check.

If you do that, your MDE account will be locked. You may manage to use one FP, but then you’ll be visiting Guest Services.

They tightened the rules to prevent tour guides taking in lots of APs to use for their clients.,


Oh well. It was a thought. Is there also no way to transfer fastpasses from one user to another? Just trying to think up some ways to maximize the system.

FPPs aren’t (technically) per person, they are per entry ticket. Tickets are in turn associated to an MDE account. So you can use more than 3 FPPs per person, as there is no actual link to an individual in this chain…

…but to do that will need two or more MagicBands or RFID cards per person, linked to unique MDE accounts, with valid park admission on each, and you can then pick and use six FPPs, as long as you scan both bands/tickets into the park. Short of paying to buy extra FPPs, that’s the one way of doing it.

Right, but would I have to waste the ticket by scanning to enter the park? That I don’t want to do.

I can create a new MDE account and move the tickets to the other account (they’re already on different people’s profile) as well as add bands or RFID cards to that account. I just don’t want to waste the extra tickets by using them to enter the park.

Yes. The FPP only work if connected to a ticket that has scanned into the park that day.

Yep, that’s exactly what you’d have to do - and that’s why I was careful to explain it that way. Besides buying the extra Club Level ones, getting them on the day or through in-park events such as ToTSS or CM gifts/compensation, that’s your only option to use more than three per person per day I’m afraid.

Actually yes you could if you do some backdoor work to utilize change party. You would need to use your FP first then switch over FP from the one day tickets to the accounts that are actually being used in the park that day. Let me link JJT’s post about how to do this now that it’s dead on MDE.

These are the instructions to change party FP to your account.

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This is great. I’m going to see if I can get this working. I also have a really old android phone so I might try that too. But if I can get FP transfers working does that mean I can hold three FPs in the afternoon on a dummy ticket/person in my MDE and then transfer them to myself after I use my own three FPS? Can I only transfer one?


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You can only transfer one at a time once you’ve used your initial 3. And tiering rules still apply.