Fastpasses for shows

Do they also lock up an hour for the purposes of scheduling? And if so, can I schedule a 10 am FPP for a 11 am show (in this case, Lion King)? TP shows the FPP as a 15 minutes block and it’s not allowing me to use it. I want to see the show at 11 but also book an 11 am FP for a ride I’m planning on getting to closer to noon. My whole day lines up behind it. I guess I could skip the FP for the show, but would prefer to have it in case we’re running a bit late (planning on meeting Russell and Dug right before and if there’s a wait, or if Kevin in there, we may not be ‘early’).

If you schedule one of the 15 minute show FPs, you won’t be able to schedule an advance FP that overlaps with the show itself.

11:30-11:45 FP for IJ
12:00-12:30 IJ

Scheduling that FP blocks you from scheduling another from 11:30-12:30.

But after you tap in for the show, my understanding is you can try to move your next FP earlier.

Note: FP for scheduled shows generally are not reserved seating but are allowed to enter first, so they end 15 min before the show starts, which is when they allow standbys to enter.

For shows that are continuous (like Muppets), the FP is good for an hour and can be booked back to back.


FP+ for shows a such a waste. It also sucks that Muppets is closed right now because it makes doing FP+ at DHS extra difficult because there is nothing that is continuous for the third FP+

We only used them if we had them to burn (HS) or if there weren’t other FP4s available we wanted. It was kind of nice to scoot in 16 min before the show started and walk right in. We got really good Lion King seats on an FP4. But yeah, I wouldn’t advance book them unless a tier system forced me into it.

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I would absolutely book a FPP for FotLK. You need to get in line early for SB and the last time we watched the show without a FPP, it was standing room only. We had to stand up at the top of the stairs and I so needed to sit down.