Fastpasses for SDD and FOP?

Hi. I am trying to plan my park days for choosing FP’s. I have heard around 60+4 for SDD and 60+3 for FOP. I am not sure if I am doing this right, but in looking at the TP Fastpass+ Availability page, it looks like if I was selecting my FP’s today (3/28/2019), and I wanted early morning FP’s for SDD and FOP, it would be more like 60+8 for SDD and 60+7 for FOP? Does that sound right? Yikes! I am only going for a week.

Don’t look at today’s availability but what’s available 60 + days. 60 days from today is May 27 so I’d check 27-31. Keep in mind this is Memorial Day weekend sonextra busy. With that being said, morning FPP will be hard to find even at 60+3. Be flexible. Just grab what you can get.

That’s what I did. I started at May 27 and moved forward until I saw morning FP’s.

Don’t hold your breath for morning. Just take afternoon. Like I said that being over Memorial Day might be making it worse.

Morning will be tough. If you can get an afternoon time I would take it. As @Flutegarden said you are looking at Memorial day weekend.

My actual 60 day window will open on April 26. Just planning ahead.


I think that the 60+3 and +4 figures are for any time of day, not morning fast passes. Hopefully you’ll be able to get the timeframe you want, but right now SDD and FOP are the two hardest ones to get.

Get what you can on the days you prefer to be in DHS / AK and then modify from there. I was able to get a FOP for 60+2 at about 4 pm for my trip in early May. I immediately modified a few times and was able to walk it back to about 2:50, if memory serves.

Also, keep in mind that the hard FP to get will change over time. (Except FOP. That’ll probably be hard to get for a long time because that ride really rocks.) At one point, 7DMT was reaaaaaly hard to get. Now, it’s SDD. Once SWGE opens, the SW rides will be the hardest ones to get. If you think you’ll return to WDW at some point in the not-too-distant future, most things you have a hard time getting due to demand will become easier to get.

Just my thoughts - HS and AK are the parks with the fewest rides so having an afternoon FP isn’t as damaging as say MK where you have the opportunity to obtain a lot more.