Fastpasses for large group

My family takes annual trips to Disney, and it feels like a breeze to plan it out now. However, in 2020 a couple of our friends are joining with their kids. They dont have a clue, and want me to help with all the FPP bookings. It will be 9 ticketed people with 4 infants.

Should I have them book their own fastpasses, and tell them to just meet me up at 6am with their laptops, and link it later? I dont even know if its possible to link it later?

Or should i attempt to reserve them all myself? Is there a trick to this?

I speak so highly of Disney vacations, that now i feel pressure to not let down lol.

I’d book them yourself. Much easier than trying to coordinate. There’s not really a trick, you should be able to get them for 9 but if you can’t you could get 5 and try to get 4 at an overlapping time.

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I was worried 9 wont be available for a lot of the rides, such as FOP, 7DMT, and SDD. If it’s easier to do this then I guess i’ll try it out. Them doing their own just sounded so nice because no linking needed.

If you’re not bothered about splitting up, you could do it that way, you just might not end up getting the same times. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get 9 of course, but it’s always worth trying first.

I planned for a group of 26 a couple of years ago. I gave them the information and had them book their own fast passes. We found that people wanted to do different things in the park and at different times. I made the dining reservations and we had one daily so we all met up for that. Just an option.

26 wow! Thats awesome! Is it possible to link everyone for dining reservations, but not for fastpasses?

Yes - 26 was a big fun trip with lots of littles. You can link together and when you make your FP reservations, just pick your planning party.

We just did this with my sister’s family. She and I had linked to each other in MDE beforehand, but we each booked the fastpasses for our own families simultaneously. We had a plan in mind for what we wanted, and we called each other on the phone a few minutes before the opening time. We ended up being able to get everything at the same time, sometimes by doing book-and-modify-and-refresh, with the exception of our HS day; we are shifted five minutes off of each other on SDD and then the FP after that, so no big deal.

As we were booking the FPs, they each showed up as separate reservations in our individual MDEs, but when we looked again the following day, they are showing as one res for all of us, interestingly.

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I think this is what Ill end up doing. Too scared to try everyone together and be having a panic attack at 6am lol.

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That was our fear, too!

We traveled with 8 in February. No issues whatsoever booking all of our FPs. I just followed the general advice regarding high demand rides (FOP, 7D, etc) and scheduled those days for a bit later in our trip and booked everything we wanted all together at 60 days out.

I will say I never did try to do much modifying FPs during our trip. I think to do that effectively I would have wanted to break us up and try to modify 4 FPs at a time instead of trying to modify all 8.