Fastpasses for extra guest

So my son and I had Aps already. I actually talked my fiance ( this will be our honeymoon, getting married right before the trip ) into going on this trip. ( hates to fly) I was able to get mine and sons fastpassses at the sixty day mark. I bought fiances ticket later, and added him into everything. Go him added to almost all of the fastpasses except…FOP and SDD. Of course kinda knew that would happen. Any ways I hear alot about refreshing the ap the day of to get fastpasses, and honestly it works with a lot, but i never have any luck with those two. Any other suggestions?


I would call and explain the situation, “it’s our honeymoon now since my fiancé agreed to come”, and see if they can blow a little pixie dust your way.

Fingers crossed for you. :grinning:


Thanks , we are getting married July 27, trip is for august !! He hasnt been yet, we got engaged in DL, but he has never flown, and is a bit nervous to fly!! I am so excited for all of us , but I do not want him to miss FOP, even though he already said it was ok, for us to just ride without him!! ha!! no way, FOP is a right of passage in my book, not to be missed.

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