FastPasses for evening shows

This will be our first visit in 10 years. When we were last in DW there were regular fast passes but not fast pass +. I am now seeing the nighttime events showing up as fast pass plus choices. (Illuminations, River of Light, and the new MK show.)

What does having a FP+ ticket for these do for a guest? Are they worth getting? I’m guessing that some prime viewing areas are now blocked off unless you have the FP+, is that correct?

In the TP book, it says that they typically aren’t worth it, but then the actual touring plans do suggest them… so I’m not certain.

Also, there seems to be new packages for combining dining at Tusker House with viewing the River of Light… is there a similar packages for dining at Epcot?

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If you get a fp for a show it will tie up your fps for the whole day. You can only book 3 in advance. When you use those you can continue to book more in the parks. If you have that 3rd one tied up with a show you cannot book more during the day. I hope that makes sense.