Fastpasses and TP

If I use a touring plan, what’s the best way to secure FP 4,5,6…Do I just look for the next ride on my plan or take what’s available in the area? Do I need to re-evaluate my plan after every ride?

I would see what is available, get , use, mark done. If able to continue that way, do so. Once you can’t get another, re-optimize the remaining attractions

I have a short list made up of the FPP that I want to try and get after I use my initial three. I base this list on a combination of the rides that most need a FPP and the general availability of day of FPP for each ride (both available on TP). I usually make the list of remaining rides that benefit most from FPP and then order them by the order of which one is likely to run out of FPP first.

Then, when I am eligible, I generally try to score the first ride on the list.

That being said, if the first ride has availability for real late in the day, but there is greater, and more flexibility, for the next 2 rides on the list, I sometimes skip the first one, with hopes of securing the next two.

Basically, how I approach day of FPP is kind of dependent on what rides are left on my touring plan, what the crowds look like, and what the availability is on the day I am in the park, but I always start with a short list of 3 rides to consider.

Probably not helpful, but there is my two cents.