Fastpasses and park hopping

Suppose…we had plans and FPs for a morning at the MK and my 18yo daughter, who is something of a loner, decides that she would rather spend the morning in the AK and meet us later for dinner. Can she go to the AK and, while she is there, change her FPs to one in the AK, or is she out of luck because the rest of us are at the MK.

Honestly, the AK will be super slow while we are there and she probably won’t need any FPs if she does this…but I just want to know! As our children get older it is harder and harder to plan as though we will all be together to use FPs or even be in the same park. Frustrating!

yes It can be done on the mde app at anytime even before you leave home/hotel. Depends how you have it set up you might have to do it or she will be able to do it herself if she has mde access to her account. It could also be done in park at the terminals.

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Thanks. I am trying to leave more room for spontaneity!

You/she have right up until the moment she uses her first FP of the day to switch parks. Also, since there are no tiers at either of those parks I think she may be able to, say, use one at MK, and then switch the others to AK. The main issue in either case is day-of availability… she’s limited to whatever is left over.

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