I am planning my trip to WDW for this Summer. I have embedded my FastPasses+ in the plans. However, I have noticed that what the Unofficial Guide suggests contradicts what the itinerary recommends. For instance, I am recommended to book the FastPasses+ for after the first hour after the park opens; this is after 9am. But the plan suggests me to schedule FastPasses+ for several attractions at 9 am. I would like more advice on this.

I never schedule a FP for a time when there would not be a wait. At rope drop most attractions have low or no waits.

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Agree, you don’t need FPP first thing in the morning. We book them for later in the day.


Thank you!!! I just realized that the pre-designed plans have FastPasses+ scheduled for 9am, and I did not think that would be necessary.
Thanks, again!!

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