FastPass+ with Vacation Packages

Anyone have experience with how FastPass+ advance reservations work when someone has a vacation package? I will be traveling with a friend and his family and want to be ready to reserve FastPasses as soon as our 60-day window opens. Both my friend and I have Annual Passes, but the rest of his family does not. We have two rooms booked on property, with my friend and I staying in one and the rest of his family in a second room. His family is staying on the free dining package, with their park tickets included, whereas we are booked room only. I would like to book our FastPasses at the same time, so we've made sure we are all "friends" in the Disney World website. Since I've only used FPP with my Annual Pass, I'm uncertain what to expect for the guests traveling with the vacation package.

Here's where I'm not sure if things are normal or not. When I look at the screen to "Select FastPass+ Party" I don't see the family members staying in the second room on the list of people to select. As noted above, we are already "friends" and we've used the link on that page that reads, "Guests who are not listed may still need to get set up to access FastPass+ service." Will the others magically appear when we get inside the 60 day window for making FastPass+ reservations? I thought in the past I saw my other friends with a message about them not having valid ticket media, or something along those lines.

We're planning to contact Disney support about this, but my friends haven't done that yet. Given the sometimes varying answers you get from Disney, I thought it wise to check if any of you have been in a similar situation. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


I had this same problem and was able to see others after they also sent me a friend request and then I logged into all friend accounts and edited each friend under each account to grant access to view and make plans. For kids though, I have to log in as the adult on the room with kids to see them and make their FPP. Basically we have 1 room with 2 adults under my daughter's fiancé's account, and 1 room with 2 adults 2 children under my DH's account. I have to log in as my DH to see our entire party of 6 and make all of our FPP.

From what I understand, in order to make "group" FPP reservations each person who is not part of your party must have an MDE account that is linked to tickets and these accounts must be set to allow you to make/modify FPP reservations on their behalf. It is not sufficient to link to a "parent" account that controls the other reservation and contains other people - that is why you cannot see everyone.

Note that MDE always seems to be in a state of flux, so what works today might not tomorrow and vise-versa.

Thanks for your thoughts. We'll see what happens. Unfortunately, one of the priorities for this family is meeting Anna & Elsa, so I'm a little nervous about making sure everything is setup correctly before the 60 mark.