Fastpass window with 3 split stay?

Arrive 11/22 for 2 night stay, room only. then start 5 nights free dining with MYW package w/ 9 day tickets. then start 2 night room only stay to depart on Dec. 1st.

will I be able to book fastpasses for 11/22 & 11/23 ? Tickets are purchased under the free dining plan which starts on 11/24.

Worst case I’m hoping I cant make a fast pass for those 1st 2 days unlit 60 days before 11/24, the start of the reservation that has the tickets associated with them…???

I know I can use the tickets as soon as I get there and have 14 days to use them… but can I make fastpasses for those first 2 days?

I was looking at a split Disney stay and I asked about using my tickets before the package date they are associated with and I was told no. I would call disney because I don’t think you can go into the parks on the 22 & 23rd.

Package tickets can be weird animals - call WDW and see what they have to say.

Free dining tickets can open the window after your stay but I have never seen them open for the days before. There have been reports that you can go to a ticket window in the world to get them activated but not from home.

Pretty sure I did this last year. arrived on saturday with a 1 night stay, free dining started on sunday. we did end up going to hollywood studios on saturday with no problem… I will call and ask. tried a few time but the wait was nuts… Hadnt considered not being able to use the tickets on 22nd and 23rd…

HPackage tickets are only valid from the start of the package stay. So you cannot book fastpasses for those first two days in advance.

Your 60 day window may open on September 23rd letting you book fastpasses from the 24th onwards. No guarantees though. If not, try again on the 24th, because again sometimes an onsite stay w/o tickets can open your 60 day window a day early for subsequent stays.

Your worst case scenario is actually worse than you thought. :cry: Your 60 day window will open for sure on September 25th, when you can book fastpasses from November 24th onwards.

Once you get to WDW, as @PrincipalTinker says, go to a GS window at a park or DS and ask them to activate your tickets early. You can only do this in person, at Disney. You should be able to do this and you can then book fastpasses for those first two days, assuming you have days left on your tickets.

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See my reply above. You can use the tickets, once you get there. You won’t be able to make fastpasses for those days until you activate the tickets at GS.

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There has been a discussion on chat the last few days. I know the free dining tickets won’t open early. Is it most packages or all packages? It seems that every once in a while some packages will open early?

I haven’t seen reports on free dining packages not being able to be activated early. And I really can’t see it as aloophole Disney would want to clamp down on either.

But who knows what they’re thinking? Inconsistency is a fact of WDW these days it seems.

I mean book fast passes for an earlier split stay. Usually, with an AP or tickets purchased outside of a package on day 60 the FP window opens for both stays. Does this not happen only if the tickets are associated with a free dining package on the 2nd stay- or all packages on the 2nd stay?

As far as I’m aware, you cannot ever use package tickets to book fastpasses in advance for any days before the package starts.

Whatever the package, that just won’t happen. Those tickets simply aren’t seen as valid by MDE until the date the package starts. Nothing will change that until you visit GS in person.

As to when the window opens, that’s another question entirely. It may be 60 days out from the pre-package stay, it may not be until 60 days from the package.

Yup, catted with godmother. we can activate tickets when we get there. we can make fastpasses as soon as they are activated. not the end of the world…
thanks all



this sound right. we will check to see if the fastpass window opens up 2 days early??

Yes. Check 60 days out from stay no. 1. If not, just check back the next day. You just never know if luck will be on your side!

Thanks! That is what a I thought but there has been a lot of “ I had a package and I booked a FP on my room only day before my package”. Today there was a “ I had a 1/14 split stay with an AP and I could only book day 1”. It is weird.

APs are totally weird lol! I’ll never be in a position to need one, but it seems to totally mess up anything other than one onsite stay with a month either side.

Yeah, the only other time I remember an AP window not opening it turned out that the 1st day actually opened at day 61 (that really weird glitch) . Thanks for confirming the way it works. I respect your Disney knowledge and someone is basically saying I don’t know how it works😀

Thankyou. :grinning: But I learnt a fair amount of it from you. Especially those pesky APs. So I’ll happily return the compliment, or “right back at ya”, as you guys say!

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