Fastpass Window for back-to-back packages

For a couple of weird reasons we’re considering doing two package stays back to back in two different resorts. Will MDE know that they’re back-to-back and part of the same trip and open the FP window for the whole trip based upon arrival day for package #1? Or will we have to call? Or do we have to wait to book FP’s for the second package until 60 days before its arrival day?

Both stays will open at the same time for FPP as long as the checkout day for the first is the same as the checkin day of the second.

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For ADR booking however you will have two windows, you won’t be able to make them all at 180 days.

For FPs, just make sure if booking a package, that the tickets come with the first stay. As long as you have enough days, you can use those tickets for up to 14 days.

But if the tickets are part of a package for the second stay, you won’t be able to book FPs with them for the first stay until you activate them in person.

Easiest thing is just to book room-only and buy tickets separately. You can still get them from Disney though.

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I have to say it: double tickets? I know you’ve been looking at free dining but adding days to tickets are about $10-15 a day and you could buy a lot of food with the $60 less per person per day you will save? Have you run the numbers? It is too early for room discounts?

Yeah, I ran the numbers pretty carefully (more spreadsheets) and for what we want to do, this is going to be the best plan, I think.

Free dining is rarely a big savings. How can free dining x2? How many people/ what resorts? Will your trip be over Christmas when there are limited discounts? Did you check if MVT has a room discount for your dates?