FastPass—Will this work?

We have 3 FP booked for AK, all tier 2. IF we get there shortly before 9 and ride KS at rope drop, we could then cancel our afternoon FP. Since we would only have 2 FP, both tier 2, at that point, would we be eligible to pick up FoP if there is a same day drop?

Someone else who knows more will probably chime in, but I don’t think you have to cancel the KS FPP for the afternoon, I think you can just modify it and try to get FOP. If you don’t get it, you still have KS if you want to ride again.

Yes, you can just modify to another ride. I think it’s easier/quicker because you can just “select all” instead of having to select the party members, park, etc.

Perfect! Modifying makes even more sense. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!