FastPass - When do you get them?


So, I got my FP+ reserved through the “My Disney Experience” website for the 4 parks I’m visiting in about 2 weeks. My question is: now what?

On “D-Day”, I get to the park, get in, and then… when do I get my FP+s?


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Do you have magic bands or tickets? The process is the same. You walk to the fast pass line during your time window. There are at east two entrances: stand by and fast pass (sometimes single rider line is a 3rd line). At the Fast Pass entrance there will be a cast member next to a scanner with a Mickey Head. You either hold your ticket or magic band up to the scanner and the MixkeybHead turns green. If it turns blue there is a problem.

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Atbsome attracyions there is a second scan point. Once you scan your 3rd fass pass you can go onto the app and make another fast pass.

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I have to pick up my tickets when I get there (will call). We’re coming from Canada, so there was no shipping for us.

I think I understand now: The actual ticket that we’ll get IS what contains the FP+. right?

My confusion was due to the last time we visited Disneyland (9 years ago) the FP was given as tickets for each ride, so I was expecting something similar, but I guess technology has advanced in those 9 years.

Thanks for the explanation!

Your Fast Passes are always in your My Disney Experience account. Your ticket, or your magic band if you buy one and link it (you are staying off site?), will link to that account and when you scan your ticket or MB it will “see” what you have in your MDE account.

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Yes, your MagicBand or card will link to your account with the FastPasses (FPP.)

Make sure your have the My Disney Experience (MDE) app loaded on a smartphone if at all possible, because you can check and modify your FPP (and other reservations) on the fly that way and not have to find a kiosk in the park.

Also, note that with this Fastpass system, as PrincipalTinker mentioned, once you use the 3rd FPP you can get more one at a time after that. When you try to get your 4th (or later) FPP if you don’t see one for a ride or time you really want, it is good to choose whatever FPP sort of works, then go into the MDE app and try to modify them there.

Often you will find that when modifying your FPP better rides or better times than the initial ones appear.

Sometimes it takes several tries to get a good one for you, just keep clicking on the time(s) you want to ride. (Also known as “refreshing”.) I usually did this while standing in a queue right after using my last FPP.

Between rope dropping the park and using these MDE FPP techniques we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes for any ride (most were less than 10 minute waits.) Except Frozen Ever After, of course, which we never saw a FPP for so hit it at the end of Extra Magic Hours and waited 30 minutes.

Hope you have a great trip!


All great info, JJT! And believe me, I’ve been obsessing over FPP for a couple of weeks now!

I got most of what I wanted, except for the Rivers of Light, to which I had only 4 out of 6 in the beginning, then a couple of days later I got the 5th one, and this morning finally the 6th one!

I’m a bit of a control enthusiast, so I like to have all my t’s dotted and i’s crossed :wink:

We’ll have 3 iphones and 1 blackberry at hand with the MDE app and Lines, ready to roll!


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