Fastpass warning

Is this warning new? ![image|466x500](upload://ah4gm4HjVcLvAMklbUM0vDr

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Yep. See the discussion in this thread:

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I cancelled my room only that was a leading reservation and I still have my fast passes.

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Not necessarily new though.

If you had a package stay booked and then cancelled, you would get this warning because you would no longer have tickets linked.

You usually have 24 hours to link new tickets .

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I don’t know if I saw the answer there?There is a thread in chat saying FP will tied to reservation stay start 2/4. Not trying to get into a controversial topic as I know this can go that route, just trying to verify if the losing FP warning is new.

As I said above, if your reservation was a package, then this warning is not a new thing.

If you had a room-only reservation and have tickets still linked, the yes it is new.

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It is room only.

Did you modify your stay? When I click on it that way, I get no warning.

In that case, this is the new warning, as @brklinck said. Towards the end of that thread, the new policy is mentioned.

I though5 it was going to start on Monday, but going back to the original source, it does say the 2nd.

I see in the other thread that you have other on-site rooms, so maybe that’s why. I think this update will only hurt the people staying off-site. The ones canceling a room booking with no other room booked on Disney property.

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I didn’t actually cancel. I’m just curious what is going on. Rumors are flying or maybe not. Maybe this is all really coming down the pike.

After reading the thread, I am wondering if I should rebook a new room only for the dates that cover the date I originally made the FPP, and then not cancel to 20 days out or so. I have onsite days booked for all that I have FPP for, but I made them for a stay starting days earlier. What do you think? Book a new stay until we find out for sure what the rules will be?

I think we are OK. Never 100% sure, but like my TA said, my fast passes are connected to my stay at POR. Never were connected to my room only stay before that.

I wish they would send us an email saying “we see you cancelled a stay that you used to book early FPP, no worries though everything is fine since you have valid onsite reservations during your FPP days” or “you are going to lose all those FPP if you don’t book another stay for those early dates”. That would make this easier!


If we get our two days worth of fast passes cancelled, we will probably just do DAH. Do you really think there might be a chance they will get us on Monday?

I wasn’t too worried until I saw @Incredible_Family’s screenshot.

Even though my FP window did open ealry because of my fake reservation, the actual tickets were never associated with that stay. I am keeping my one night at POR with the tickets and then the four nights at SSR, I don’t know. We will see. I thought though on the Dis they mentioned that the policy went into effect today and not Monday.

I suspect as long as you have an onsite reservation covering the days of your FPs, you will be fine.

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I have an AP and my kids have tickets not associated with any stay (bought before they went to the date specific tix). This is why I am worried, if they can see that I booked FPP as if arrival day was 3/27 when it is now 3/30.

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Ok, maybe that is the difference then? I have package tickets not any APs?