FASTPASS wait times?

Hi there,

I am finishing up my Personalized Touring Plans, and I see that there are wait times for obtaining FASTPASSes. Up to 68min for the Incredicoaster! Does that mean that when we go to a FASTPASS Kiosk, there will be a super long line to get a FASTPASS? Since we’re going in September, in some cases this would defeat the purpose.


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We used MaxPass when we were there so didn’t have to wait in line. I didn’t notice if there were long lines at the FP kiosk but that seems like a long wait.

Yeah. It seems really long to me too. And I can’t seem to find any info about it online. Hopefully it’s just for the most popular rides. There’s over 20min wait for Radiator Springs Racers too (right when the park opens). Which is longer than the actual waiting-in-line time!

Have you considered getting the MaxPass? It’s also your photo pass and then you can pick up your FP while you are in line for a different ride. It’s really the best!

It does sound pretty great… I was thinking that it might not be worth it in September, but we might end up getting it! Thanks :).

My understanding is that long lines can exist just to get Fast Passes. I’d definitely just get MaxPass. It is so convenient as your group can stay together and there’s no need for a runner to go get FP and no risk of a wait for said FP. I haven’t heard if enough people are using MaxPass that it has mitigated the FP waits some or not, but frankly I wouldn’t risk it personally…

There won’t be a FP line 68 min long (there is a very slim possibility of 20 min wait, but I’ll come back to that in a minute). Even the most extreme circumstance I saw of a FP line was less than an hour. And in case you were wondering what would cause such an uproar, it was the FP line for the Aladdin show’s final day. The line started near the Hyperion theater & ended at the park entrance (with the line snaked through the Hollywood Backlot area, then spilling out down Hollywood, into Carthay Circe- I think it snaked 1x here too before going down Beuna Vista St to finally the park entrance).

Anywho, what I suspect is happening to your plan, is that you are not eligible for a FP for the majority of those 68 min & there’s no other step in between so it considers that time as “waiting”. If you are Optimizing your plan, try re-setting it by Optimizing it a few times (or make a copy & optimize the Copy if you really like the order of some of your other steps). If you still see a problem then email for help on looking into the issue.

As for the 20 min. built in for Radiator Springs Racers- for a couple of years after it first opened this was definitely the case & Racers does see spikes in its popularity so Touring Plans hasn’t removed it but it has been 2 years since I saw or heard of a line near long enough to be 20 min (we first started going with our kids in 2013 & for sure in 2013-14 the line was that long at opening, but it has since way died down).

And even if there is a FP line for Racers, anytime we have been in it, the line’s moved VERY quickly & were in & out in less than 10 min- usually 2-3 min. We always just sent 1 runner with everyone’s tickets in these cases & met up with the rest of the party after grabbing the FP.

While RSR remains the most popular ride in DCA & most days is still the first one to run out of FPs, there have been a lot of changes that make it so that not everyone runs to the RSR FP line. Namely, the start of MaxPass, new popular re-dos of rides (Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout & Incredicoaster), as well as the addition of a FP to Toy Story Midway Mania. All this really takes away from the craze to get an RSR FP right away & I doubt you would see even a 5 min. line for it.

The FP line you are more likely to run into is for the evening Halloween-time only overlay of Guardians of the Galaxy: Monster’s After Dark. It’s very well done & last year when it was first released people camped out starting at 1pm waiting for them to start distributing at 3pm (with a return times startings sometime around 5-6pm). We purchased MaxPass for the day in order to be able to grab one last year without waiting in a line, but we could have joined the line after 3:30 & still gotten one with a minimal wait before it ran out for the night. I just knew we would most likely be on our midday break around that time, so we went ahead & purchased MaxPass for the day.