Fastpass+...Urgent help required please

Hi my fellow liners,

I am staying off-site from 16/08 to 30/08 but I have booked a one night stay on-site for my daughter’s birthday on 22/08.

I was expecting to be able to be able to book my Fastpass+ for 22/08 today (60 days out) but when I logged into MDE this morning the day was still greyed out.

I have the reservation linked to MDE and my 14 day passes are also linked. Is there something I still need to do or should I just contact Disney via the UK telephone number?

Any help would be appreciated.

Your 60 days is 6/23 so you will be able to make them at midnight (eastern time) tonight.



Thank you…Schoolboy error (hangs his head in shame :confounded:

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But seriously – when you’re prepping for a trip and you log in to MDE, you should be able to see “gray days” up until the day you can actually pick FPP. So then you know that’s the “official Disney start” of your vacation.


I had been keeping an eye on the grey days, and had counted my 60 days, or at least I thought I had!

Up at 5am tomorrow then to get my choices.

Only 54 Days to go!