FastPass Times Help!


I am trying to figure out which fast passes we will try to get and for what time. I am wondering why on many of the general (not personalized) touring plans this site offers that it recommends fast passes for later in the day? IE : 10, 11 and 4pm. I had thought you should try to get all 3 fast passes for earlier in the day (ie: 930, 1030 and 1130) so that you would be able to potentially get more once you check into your third one?
As always, Thanks for your help!

Could you maybe give a couple of examples? It would make it easier to suggest reasons.

I looked at several MK ones and they all had 9, 10 & 11.

I know that some plans have a mid-day break included, which might explain it.

Sure! The Epcot One Day Touring Plan for Tweens & their parents was the one I was looking at today. The other one I noticed off the top of my head was Animal Kingdom One-Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children. Hope this helps! Thanks you!!

We have both small children and pre-teens on the trip hence why I am looking at all sorts of different plans! :slight_smile:

The Epcot one is fairly easy. It’s covering Future World in the morning, continuing after lunch and then setting off around World Showcase clockwise.

That’s basically to stop you doing lots of back-tracking. If you only have one day it’s a good strategy, since if you run out of time you can pick and choose which national pavilions to spend time in, without risking FW rides closing down or having to ride them during Illuminations (or it’s replacement).

And since it covers all the rides, early on you really don’t need another one. Once Ratatouille and Guardians open, then the strategy will likely change.

I think the AK one is to ride the Safari at a time when the animals are likely to be more active. If you ride it between about 12 and 4 you may not see a lot as the animals will be trying to stay out of the sun. I would always try and ride before 11 or after 4 for sure.

@Nicky_S Thank you! I guess that makes sense!
I still do feel like for the animal Kingdom one you could do them all in the am however maybe they did it this way for walking reasons…