FastPass+ Stress

22 days out from FP+ window and I’m already starting to stress.
We’re arriving and checking in on 11/15 and checking out on 11/24. I have 7 day passes, with park days planned on 11/16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 24. Will I be able to make fp+ for the length of my stay, or only for the first 7 days (tickets are linked to MDE)?

I thought that you could make them for length of stay, but I’m not sure having re-read your question. Hope someone else can confirm for sure. And don’t stress. You will be fine. This is Disney :smile:

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I thought is was length of stay, as well. But I was reading my handy dandy 2015 Unofficial Guide e-book and it says: “You can make FastPass+ reservations for as many days as there are on your ticket. If you decide to extend your stay, you’ll be able to make reservations for additional days.” So, I’m still confused.

I would read that as you can make 7 days worth of FPP selections. That doesn’t mean that they have to be consecutive days. I hope for you anyway.

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I hope so, too! I’ll update in 22 days!

I’m pretty sure that you will be able to book for your entire stay. But like @BigPetesWife said, you’ll just be able to book 7 of your days.

And on a side note…my FP+ window must be fast approaching. We arrive on Nov. 18th. Yikes!!! I need to finish up my plans. :worried:

I’m working on mine now!

There are too many decisions! I’ve started my personalized touring plans but I’m having such a hard time narrowing down my FP choices. When I went last year in Sept. I was able to schedule a bonus 4th FP at MK. That extra FP made a huge difference in lowering my stress level. Plus there weren’t tiers at HS and EP.

We’re leaving on the 24th as well. I’m hoping to spend a little time in Epcot before our evening flight out. I have no idea what to expect with the crowds as we’ve never been this time of year.

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I am sitting here making myself ill over FPP stress! My date is one week from today and I have not finalized my plan. I need some bored Liners to tell me which parks they would do on which days for my trip. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you post your dates – I bet somebody will accept the challenge! :slight_smile:

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Don’t feel bad. I leave in 20 days and will probably finalize plans on the plane, then mess with FPP while I am on ME

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I just did my fpp ~2.5 hr ago so hope this helps! lol! I will be staying on site from Oct 24- Nov 2nd. I have a 7 day base ticket plus a MNSSHP ticket. The window that opened up to reserve my fpp was for my entire stay. However, I only tried to make fpp for 7 days so I don’t know what would happen if you tried to make fpp reservations for more days than you have tickets for.

How did the FPP situation look? It’s my FPP reservation day tomorrow, so I’ll be finalising my plans today :confounded:

Honestly I was probably just as stressed as you going into it! I was pleasantly surprised with what was available. I was able to snag A&E and 7DMT for the 4th day of my trip (A&E was unavailable for the 3rd day). There must have been a number of both of those fpp available because I was actually able to play around with my times a bit. I think the only other thing that was unavailable was Wishes (for one of the days). If you have trouble finding a particular fpp, look at dates later in your trip and chances are there will be something available. As long as your willing to stay up late to see your fpp window open you will be able to have your pick of pretty much anything.

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Thank you. I’m actually less stressed about getting what we want (we’re there for two weeks) and more stressed about knowing what we want. That’s today’s mission. To sort out what we want to FPP.

Haha I totally understand! I’m still not sure I have what we want (final revision)…but I feel good about knowing I have the “hard to get” fpp.

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