Fastpass reservations tonight! Tips and tricks?

Hi everyone, tonight is the night to schedule my FP+ reservations. It will be my first time doing it this way, any tips and tricks for me? Is the system glitchy or difficult to navigate? Is there any difference if I use the app or do it from my computer, is 1 better than the other? Any specific day of my trip or park that I should start with? Can’t wait!!!

What I learned the first time was that if there was a FP offered for a hard to get, take it! You will likely be able to adjust the time after you have your 3 FP selections set by going back to the “Update FastPass” and if not, then at least you have the hard to get ones taken care of.

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Is it easier to make the same FP for everyone and go back and change later ( my teenagers don’t care to meet characters and my little ones cant ride the big thing so we will be split sometimes) or am I able to select specific people for specific rides?

On the computer is easier. The phone interface seems slower to me.

I would make ask your FPs for the headliners first, then go back and change those who don’t want to do it to something else.

Top tough FPs are 7DMT, Anna and Elsa, TSMM, Soaring, and maybe the mountains in MK.

Have you made a personalized touring plan yet? They will give you suggestions on what to get, based on your plan. If you need to know how, search “personalized touring plan” for @brklinck 's great instructions.

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