FastPass Reservations on Computer or App?

Hi everyone. Is it better to book your FastPasses on a computer or through the app on your phone?


I prefer to do it through a browser. I just find it easier to see all available times.

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I have both open and ready. I reserved on a Tuesday (the day most likely to have glitches) and after 2 FPPs, the site froze on my computer (hate seeing snowman Olaf’s decapitated head) so I went to my iPhone, got one more FPP then that froze. Had to wait over 30 min for it to come back up but all turned out well.

I also started on my laptop and moved to the app once the site froze. Kept alternating due to random freezes.


Thanks! That is what I was thinking too

Oh no! My FP day is on a Tuesday :frowning:

It doesn’t always happen but be prepared. The good thing is everyone trying to reserve has the same glitch.

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I reserve a week from today. I can’t wait for next Monday!

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Mine is tomorrow, right when DS needs to get out for the bus and then drive DD off to school. This will be very stressful.


Let’s do this together. Deep breaths. It will be ok.

I did it. I survived (mostly). The only thing I didn’t get was FOP earlier in my trip, but I have it on the last day in the morning before my Tusker House reservation. We are all in this together. We can do this!

Informational tidbit, I used the PC to start and then when I hit Olaf, I switched to my phone, and then back again when that stalled out. After the initial rush I was able to do the rest on my phone without any problems. To echo what @PrincipalTinker said about using the browser, it is much easier to see the times on there.


Thanks. I will be sure to remember that.

Thanks for the tips on using a computer. I’ll have my wife and I each on a computer with our phones as backup on Friday morning.